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traveling in nigeria

If you arrive in Abuja by plane, always keep your baggage claim tickets with you, just in case your luggage gets lost. Remember to have an extra change of clothes and a few toiletries in your hand luggage. When you exit the airport, the airport staff will check your baggage tickets to ensure you have the right baggage and that no one else is taking yours.

When coming to stay in Abuja City, please write your hotel address on your suitcase label and we advise you to always clearly label your suitcases with your contact details.

Be sure to always keep an eye on your luggage while travelling. Never leave your luggage unattended in a public place. We advise that you let official uniformed staff help with your luggage. If you are travelling with your spouse, a business partner or friend please help each other with your suitcases and keep an eye out for each other.


Before travelling to Abuja, it is a good idea to make a set of photocopies of your passport, credit cards, flight tickets, any medical prescriptions and other important documents. Take these copies with you, but keep them separately from the originals. You can also scan your important travel documents and e-mail them to your own webmail account. This ensures that you have a copy of your documents that cannot be lost and is readily available throughout your trip.


One of the most common crimes experienced by travellers around the world is bag snatching and the theft of cash/credit cards etc. Unfortunately, Abuja is no exception. Pickpockets often work in groups in crowded areas like the open markets which we do not advise you to go to.

Should you experience the unfortunate situation of getting robbed, stay as calm as possible and do as you are told. Hand over your money and any other valuables without protesting. If you have been robbed, you should contact your country’s embassy or consulate in Abuja as soon as possible.

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