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It’s a common belief, when in a new city and you need direction ask a local, and we've been asked lots of things over the years. is the go-to source for everything there is to love about Abuja City and since we first launched way back in 1998 we have welcomed Millions of visitors to our website. 


We take our mission as Abuja’s Web presence seriously. When it comes to finding you the best hotels, restaurants, tours, tickets or deals in general at the best prices, we'll never steer you wrong.

(Hill sign, constructed October 2003 at city gate) 

We want visitors and locals in Abuja city to see what we see in the city, to love what we love. We work tirelessly to bring you up-to-date information on the best attractions, bars, clubs, restaurants and stores. 

As the political capital of the country we also give you a feel of the current political climate which is constantly changing in this rapidly developing country.

A great stay starts with great accommodation, so we've crafted an online reservation system that gives you instant access to over 200 world-class hotels in and around the different zones, all backed by our best rate guarantee. And since no one comes to Abuja City to count the highways or bridges,

We’ll find you accommodation that suits your budget and your needs, we've also created the best one-stop box office for all things Abujacity, from local craft markets to smash-hit shows or top-tier concerts to the city's world famous carnival we got you covered.

Our commitment to boosting entrepreneurship initiatives means we are not only online, but on the ground as we constantly collaborate with a network of independent contractors to provide various services.

Finding is simple, and that's why 40% of our traffic comes from users visiting us directly. The rest of the world finds us because we're the most trusted authorities on Abuja city a reliable source. Just like the pyramids of Egypt, our web address––is one of the most recognizable addresses in Africa.

Like the country the pyramids represent, as a global brand, we represent  Abuja city's online capital for the 2.4 billion consumers using the internet today. We are Abuja city –honest, opinionated, and hard-working. In short, we're locals. Make yourselves at-home.

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Gana street, Maitama Abuja.     

Tel: 08166966618


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