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pet import & export

Import and export licenses are required for domestic pets entering and leaving Nigeria. You should allow at least three months for the completion of the application process. If it is possible for you to visit the office, you can obtain a permit on the same day. It is important to follow the airline’s requirements for paperwork, containment, food and watering of any animal en-route.
Note:   Parrots and other exotic animals are prohibited.
Applications for the import and export licenses should be sent to:

The Director, Federal Department of Livestock and Pest Control Service
Area 11
Garki, Abuja

09 532-1376, 0803-313-4549

When making an application, letter should contain the following information:                                            
Species, name, age, sex, colour, breed, country of origin, proposed date of travel (entry/exit), port of embarkation/disembarkation, final destination (for export), means of transportation (e.g. air, sea, etc) and any distinguishing features of the animal.                                                                                              
The applicant will also need to attach                                                                                              
a vaccination certificate for Rabies (good for one year)
a current health certificate issued by a registered veterinary surgeon of the country of origin of the animal (valid for two weeks).                                                                                                                          
The import and export License will then need to be added to the vaccination certificate and health certificate for the airline transporting the animal. A clearance fee will be charged on arrival in Abuja.
When exporting pets, similar procedures apply. You should allow at least three weeks for completion of the paper work and physical examinations. In addition, be sure to make a reservation for the animal via the airline. There are different requirements and charges depending on if the animal is transported as excess baggage accompanying the passenger on the flight or as unaccompanied baggage/cargo. The weight of the dimensions of the containment (height, length, width) will be needed when making the reservation. Travellers are reminded that several countries (U.K, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia) require lengthy and stringent quarantine procedures on imported animals. Please note that it is also extremely difficult to export pets that are on the endangered species list. Specific permits are needed in these cases and some airlines will not transport them.

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