NAN, NTA, FRCN, others get New Chief Executives

1. Mr. Ishaq Modibo Kawu – Director-General, Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC
2. Mr. Mansur Liman – Director-General, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN)
3. Mr. Yakubu Mohammed – Director-General, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA)
4. Dr. Garba Abari, Director-General, National Orientation Agency (NOA)
5. Mr. Bayo Onanuga – Managing Director, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)
6. Mr. Osita Okechukwu – Director-General, Voice of Nigeria (VON)
The new appointees replace the Chief Executives of the parastatals who were disengaged on Febraury 15, 2016.
The appointments take immediate effect, a statement on Wednesday said

VoxAfrica TV's trip to Abuja City , unleashing the potential of tourism .

VoxAfrica TV,  is a panafrican bilingual tv channel ( based in the United Kingdom.


With studios in Battersea London, it is the first pan-African and bilingual channel, which  broadcasts to both the Anglophone and Francophone  parts of the world.

 Voxafrica’s 3 channels broadcast in Africa, Europe and the UK.  The primary target audience is Africans, both locally and in the diaspora, as well as the UK.

(Nicolas Negoce, Mimi Fawaz & Phillip Ideh Jnr)



Voxafrica recently  sent a TV crew to Nigeria , the team was made up  of their highly respected journalists Mimi FAWAZ and Nicolas NEGOCE with Joao DA SILVA (director) to Nigeria from the 26th of may to the 4th of june to create a series of programmes :


(Phillip Ideh & Joao DA SILVA ,director)


Part of the mission was  to explore the untapped resources of tourism in Nigeria. Film some of the main attractions in and around Abuja and Lagos and see how these untapped areas  could  be an added value to the economy.


(Dare Art Alade & Phillip Ideh )


The Soundcity Music Video Award winning singer, Darey, was invaluable to this mission by opening up his doors to the crew and sharing his views on tourism hotspots in and around Abuja City.


With logistical support provided by the team, the crew were able to visit strategic locations arrange meetings and successfully accomplish their mission in Nigeria.




(Nicolas Negoce & Emeke Enye - Millenium Park Abuja)




Parts of our beautiful city views in  Abuja are being destroyed lately by the invasion of  Giant  Billboards.


About a decade ago we launched one of the biggest outdoor campaigns in Abuja which was the famous sign on the hill next to city gate, inspired by the original Hollywood sign on the hill.

Almost a  decade on, we are pleased to point out that the Nigeria at 50 sign on Aso rock is yet another take on this concept. Imitation they say is the best form of flattery.



IMG00284-20110605-1150 (2)


The issue today is different; our city views are under threat today by people constructing all kinds of giant billboards.

  IMG00274-20110605-1138 (2)




The word giant is used here because it seems these billboards are simply being built to dwarf previous attempts at outdoor advertising. IMG00279-20110605-1142 (2)




There’s obviously more corporate investment in this sector , You can tell by the kind of infrastructure in place  and the round the clock manpower being deployed. 



But in all honesty it’s time to call this to question.

IMG00277-20110605-1140 (2)

After the recent inauguration, we had an international  film crew in town, assisting in producing a movie to highlight attractions within our beautiful city.

IMG00268-20110602-1828 (2)

It was sad to note that at various intervals our filming seemed to be interrupted by one of these giant billboards occupying the Abuja Skyline. Trying to film various city attractions became a tricky exercise.

IMG00266-20110602-1827 (2)


What can be done about all this? Who is paying attention?

If you need help putting up cutting edge billboards please contact us, at least we'll try to be creative and original  after more than a decade in this industry , we can authoritatively say , It is not the size that matters , it is how well you can do what you do, when you do what you do. - Right Click!

Dbanj ft. Snoop Dogg - Mr Endowed (Remix) truly Endowed

Personally happy for the step in a progressive direction for the general Naija music scene. I think it is catchy, creative and somewhat racey , not too sure about the message in the video But i totally believe snoop could handle Fuji dance steps if he had to.... For that reason, he deserves the passport completely. Congratulations to Dbanj , you are truly Endowed.

Can u tell me how to get to sesame square


After 40 years in production, the popular children's' show sesame street, has been re gigged in Nigeria with  local content flavor. 

In  Sesame Square there's now  Zobi, a yam-eating taxi driver, and Kami, a talkative five-year-old living with HIV.

Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and U.S. President Barack Obama's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the Nigerian take on the hit series remains true to its educational roots.

Read more here 

A Round up of events NTA News Jan 3rd -2006

A summary of the mood in Abuja in January," Indomie season"

(Cheap affordable noodle diet)

No money , dry pocket , bank consolidation realities , hajj issues, politics, police enforcement and even a glimpse of the 2006 census campaign  (priceless)  a round up of events and NTA' coverage from around the country .

This unedited version is typically long , the quality varies but all the same ....    patience please.

Watch the complete January 3rd NTA broadcast .

Nigeria International video (episode10)

Happy New Year  everyone!

As always The guys at Nigeria International have come out with episode 10 of the regular video clips.
This time around they have done features both from Nigeria and the US.
I love the power of visuals whilst a picture says a thousand words a video says more ....

Please enjoy and if possible mail a link to your friends so they can see as well.
I  always like to stress it is a good idea to support these sorts of  efforts in our community believe me it is needed.

"We have a huge mountain to climb
- in challenging Nigerians' pervasive scepticism (in and out of the country)
- in finding proper resources to do a quality job (Nigerians deserve as much)
- in spreading the word about this programme to Nigerians around the world.

Efforts and comments like yours go a long way to help. Much appreciated."

Dele Fadahunsi
Managing Editor,
Nigeria International

So please enjoy , and guys keep doing what you do.

Its Time for Nigeria International

Big Brother comes to Nigeria

06-12-2005 update***** click here for application forms

At last the successful reality TV series "Big Brother" is coming to Nigeria
This Follows several successful editions on Big Brother Africa  usually filmed in SA.


Pan-African pay-TV operator M-Net has announced its plan to screen a new version of the hit reality show Big Brother, this time filmed on location in Nigeria with a Nigerian cast and crew.

The show is to be produced by the Nigerian production team Storm Vision Limited, in association with Endemol Nigeria. Scheduled to run for 91 days, starting in March 2006, Big Brother Nigeria will see 12 Nigerian contestants sharing one home while 68 microphones and 27 cameras capture their lives for a continental television audience. At the end of the competition, after multiple rounds of public voting and contestant elimination, one winner will walk away with a prize of USD $100, 000.

Chairman of Storm Vision Limited Obi Asika says: "The Big Brother concept has worked exceedingly well across the globe with audiences tuning in to follow the romances, conflicts and joys of the contestants. I'm extremely proud that a Nigerian company is at the forefront of bringing this phenomenal TV concept to the country. We will create a production mindful of our audience's needs and we will aim to always entertain them. I believe this production can unify Nigerians and it can give others a better understanding of Nigeria."

The Show became a hit series in Nigeria  and created  home grown celebrities like  Bayo one of the earlier participants in Big brother Africa.

Click here to read more of the press release


First Ever MTV Award for African Act

2faceA Nigerian artiste "2 face" real name Innocent Ujah Idibia
was one of the artist to be recognised in the first ever MTV award for Africa acts.

It is about time too, i guess  "Channel 'O' " was beginning to show its true potential.
Hopefully more of the global community will begin to notice the African hip hop scene and get these artists the recognition they deserve.

read more about the awards here also    

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