The search for Person of the year #LazyNigerianYouth or #HardworkingNigerianYouth continues in #Abuja





The Youth in Nigeria today are facing very unique challenges due to an overall failure in governance.

Despite the challenges, some have excelled on a global scale in almost all areas.

Look at Fashion, Entertainment , Literature, Information Technology & Entrepreneurship for examples. 

Considering the Continous decay since Independence in 1960, we should have #diligentNigerianYouth or #HardworkingNigerianYouth or #IndustriousNigerianYouth trending instead of the recent jibe from our leader.

(People's suggestibility can be powerfully influenced by the environment in which they find themselves, and you can use environmental triggers - and 'triggers' can, of course, include your own words)

In searching for person of the year  #LazyNigerianYouth I'm tempted to believe  he/ she / they  may reside mostly in Abuja, if i was to pin a location Aso rock would get mine.

But the truth is #LazyNigerianYouth do exist, the ones without PVC.  So stop being lazy, find out how to get yours here

transform the narrative to #diligentNigerianYouth or #HardworkingNigerianYouth or #IndustriousNigerianYouth



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IMG_5555 (2)

The most talked about Charlyboy Show-live, “Battle of the Gifted” has come and gone, but the lasting impression that the show created cannot be undermined. The show that began late into the night due to some unsubstantial Blackberry broadcasts of an impending bomb blast at the venue of the event only saw Abuja residents trooping into the venue almost at the last hour of the evening, perhaps when they had realized that it was only an empty rumor, meant to scare them from the show.

Despite the attempt by some people to put some huddles before the organizers, the show has been rated as one of the best held recently in the capital city of the FCT.

The evening started with the winners of the last Charlyboy Talent Hunt, who stormed the stage with different statements of fact, that the Charlyboy foundation had not just empowered them, but had taken the issue of mentoring and monitoring seriously. This was communicated to the audience through the noticeable improvement in their costume, creativity and a host of other artistic prowess that they displayed at the Thisday Dome.  Citiz and Walking Talking whose performances were outstanding never failed to established the good work of the Charlyboy Foundation in their lives when they spoke with our correspondents after their exhilarating acts.

As the show began an expository journey towards the climax, the Abuja based duo of Badguyses stormed the stage with an awe inspiring performance; a message of hope that the future of the entertainment industry will certainly be bright.

It was not a dull moment at the Thisday Dome when Raz Myk stormed the stage with his Rastafarian moves and energy. The Lagos based artiste did not disappoint his fans either.

 The performance from one of the most creative blind artistes discovered at the just concluded Charlyboy Talent Hunt sent shiver down the spines of many audience who realized that there was ability in disability.  Don Mike stole the show.

When Funnybone, one of the most creative Nigerian Comedian stormed the stage, it became glaring to the audience that the battle had begun in earnest as the audience had their first laughter of the night, ushering them into the experience of the Battle of the Gifted. 

The actual battle began when the contestants had their first battle in the ring. The ‘showdown’ was considered the most creative battle since the inception of the Battle of the Gifted as the nine contestants slogged it out in the ring. In the dance category, it was between Sunita, John Great and Chizzle; however Chizzle was disqualified as a result of bad CD, while the Comedy category saw Peteru, Otoro and Don J struggling for the first place. The music category and one of the most challenging categories had Dizzy, Anony and Bisola standing tall for the first prize. The first round of the battle saw Sunita and John Great qualifying for the final round in the dance category, while Peteru and Don J scaled through to the final for the comedy belt. Anony and Dizzy were to slog it out in the music category as well. The most challenging final battle left the audience wondering who the judges made up of Willi Willi of Wazobia Fm, Antonio Cruize and Vina of Big Brother Africa would crown as the winners of the third edition of the ‘ Battle of the Gifted. While the audience waited patiently for the result of the keenly contested battle, the Battle of the elders’ statesmen began. It was the most memorable battle in a battle as OBJ and Justice Oputa locked horns in a dancing competition. This came shortly after Bovi, a renowned comedian had battled with baba in the ring. Bovi who was introduced by Tunde Ige as the official MC of the event never gave the audience a breeding space while cracking their ribs with laughter.


IMG_5551 (2)

Of course, the Baba’s battle with Justice Oputa ended in a tie as decided by the most organized audience of the event. It was the most creative and entertaining moment of the night.


IMG_5542 (2)

There was equally no dull moment as different a-list artistes stormed the stage with a fantastic display. I Go Dye, Gandoki, Naeto C, Da Areafada himself and 2baba never gave the audience any quiet moment.  It was certainly the biggest show of the year. The stage got hotter as the show went into the night. The chill weather of the night got hot for the audience as they stood on their feet while applauding the artistes on parade.

Cognac in Abuja N2million , relevant information for Abuja City, priceless. There is some Shakara that money can buy you , but for EFFIZY...

At the piano lounge in Transcorp Hilton Abuja, you could order  a bottle of hennessy ellipse for N2 Million .


“Ellipse is cognac  created by blending the most exceptional "eaux de vie" created by seven generations of master blenders. Its bouquet has hints of candied fruits, wild roses and an earthy aroma.Presented in an elliptical Baccarat crystal decanter”

It is top of the range when it comes to cognac.




But if you wanted to find out the only seafood restaurant in Abuja that is open 24 hours and does home delivery Nko?              



There is some Shakara that money can buy you , but for EFFIZY,


Dbanj ft. Snoop Dogg - Mr Endowed (Remix) truly Endowed

Personally happy for the step in a progressive direction for the general Naija music scene. I think it is catchy, creative and somewhat racey , not too sure about the message in the video But i totally believe snoop could handle Fuji dance steps if he had to.... For that reason, he deserves the passport completely. Congratulations to Dbanj , you are truly Endowed.