The Abuja Food Expo - Dont Miss the Celebrity Cook out, Eagle SQ #Abuja


The Food Expo is coming to the nation’s capital  today. A 3-day community based event, creating awareness about food and use involvement within the agricultural sector. An event aiming to create excitement about agricultural opportunities amongst the Nigerian Youth, possibly leading to increased participation within the industry, an essential measure to ensure the long-term sustainability of expansion of Nigerian agricultural production and process capacity.

With a proposed variety of avenues and platforms, the Food Expo plans to relate with young people by engaging them in creative conversations centered on agriculture, helping them make well informed decisions about getting involved in the agricultural sector. Different activities shall be incorporated into the program to entertain yet educate the youth, such as workshops, a “Young Entrepreneur Challenge” and a “Celebrity Cookout” with confirmed celebrities such as Stella Damasus, Timi Dakolo, Nse Ikpe-Etim and Chigurl and confirmed participating radio stations. Alongside the education and entertainment aspect, food companies and other famous brands such as Dangote, Nestle, Heinz, Maggi, Grand Cereals, Vita Milk, Tropica, Scanfrost, Frutta, Pringles, Snickers Chocolate, 7Days Croissants, and so much more to show case and sell their products to Expo participants at extreme discounted prices with even Special Royal Farms with their knock-off prices on fresh produce of food, fruits and vegetables.

This is the ultimate Christmas bargain exhibition not to be missed. From Christmas hampers, tomatoes, yam, even ugu, it is definitely the Christmas shopper’s paradise!

This jam-packed festival, celebrating local farmers, chefs, companies and organizations who work to better our food system and encourage the youth to participate in Agriculture, will be held December 7th to the 9th at Eagle Square, Abuja.

An event not to be missed! For more information, please visit: Twitter @FoodExpo or call 08088017995

5 distinct Eateries that have sprung up in Lugbe, Abuja

By Blessing Mills, guest writer / Blogger


Nigeria is a huge country with an assortment of tribal groups. Just as the Nigerian culture is varied and diversified, so also is the food recipes and cuisine. All the different ethnic groups in Nigeria have peculiar ways of cooking food as well as the staple food by which they are known.


Yes, that is the case even though foods like rice and eba/soup are general and are eaten by all the ethnic groups, their manner of preparing these foods still vary from tribe to tribe and from one ethnic group to the other. All the Nigeria food recipes are a combination of local food, fruit, vegetables, fishes and meats of different types and kinds.

Abuja, the federal capital territory, is packed full with Nigerians from different ethnic groups and cultures that have left their original villages, towns and states in search of greener pastures. These people of course carried with them their various traditions and cultures into the city, cuisine, food recipes and eating habits inclusive. This has led to the springing up of a variety of eateries which serve the needs of the people of different cultures and ethnic groups as well as international visitors or residents within the city.

Looking at the city center of Abuja Federal Capital Territory (FCT), which could rightly be termed the “Fastest growing city in Africa” one could hardly believe that there will be communities within the locality of Abuja that aren’t as developed as the city center.

However, the high cost of living within the city gave rise to many satellite towns in Abuja among which is Lugbe.    


Lugbe is a densely populated area with top class, middle class and lower class individuals living within the area. Many people, who work within the city center, live in Lugbe as a result of its close proximity to the city center and due to the cost of living within the city center. Consequently, Lugbe has become a bee hive of activities with people engaging in different activities to make ends meet.

Eateries, restaurants and fast food business as well as local “suya” sellers, “akara”-bean cake makers and local “mama put” sellers are also flourishing and booming. Lugbe has in fact become one of the major trading centers of Abuja. Among the majority of eateries that have sprung up in Lugbe are restaurants and fast Foods making a variety of Nigerian and African food recipes and cuisines as well as intercontinental dishes.

Soup 1

You will find English dishes, Local Nigerian/African dishes, and assorted international dishes- mixed /American, Indian and Chinese cuisines among many others. If you ever happen to be in Lugbe, do not hesitate to visit some of these eateries, you will find them useful and helpful. These eateries can make your breakfasts, lunches and dinners divine and ecstatic moments. The food is always freshly cooked and the environment clean and tidy.

Some are experts in a variety of sea food especially fried rice and fish. You are sure to get an excellent in house service as well as outdoor services. You can also book their “take away services”. They are always hungry for your feedback, be it positive or negative to help improve their services and that is why they are ever ready to assist whatever your feeding needs are. However, we are just going to give you 5 different eateries among the vast majority of eateries in Lugbe to enable you make a choice when you need their services.

These five eateries are:

1. BIEN VENUE FAST FOOD Plot 290, 1st Avenue, FHA Estate, Off Airport Road, Lugbe, Abuja Beside Ngab Filling Station, Bama Road Lugbe, Abuja. Phone 08023193144 Fax 08023193144

2. MR. BIGGS Located close to Plot 556A, 4th Ave Federal Housing Estate Lugbe Abuja Local foods and intercontinental foods and snacks

3. BV FAST FOOD: Lugbe FHA, Abuja, Nigeria Located close to the Federal Housing Estate bus stop -while coming into Lugbe from the city center And on the same straight road

4. HILL TOP STOP OVER RESTAURANT 4th Avenue, FHA Estate Hill Opp. Corner Shop, Lugbe, Abuja, FCT

5. TEEKLES RESTAURANT: Suite 1, Block 49, Neighborhood Shopping Centre, E Complex, FHA Estate, Phase II, Lugbe, Abuja, FCT

Nigeria Now Art Soiree, holds in Abuja on Dec 1st 2012, RSVP required for attendance.

Dear Art  Lovers,

Its been an amazing year and so we have decided to top it off with an exciting final show.

For this show we have decided to bring you not one but TWO FEATURED artists, as well as an array of other new and established artistic talents.


The show will feature NEW WORKS
by Ayoola Gbolahan and Bob Nosa Uwagboe.

Other artists exhibiting include Nyemike Onwuka, Juliet Ezenwa, Tyna Adebowale Victoria Udondian, Temitayo Ogunbiyi, Tonie Okpe and numerous others.

This time we will also be bringing you an exciting performance by one of the best Yoruba Bata drumming troups in the country.

Featuring the well know Bata master Chief Muraina Oyelami
Will perform at 6pm

Drinks and light snacks will be served.

December Art Soiree IV BackX
RSVP is required to only guests on the Security list will be admitted. A donation of 1000Naira is suggested.

The Nigeria Now Art Fund is a not for profit group established to support emerging Nigerian artists. We look forward to receiving your confirmation, and spending a memorable evening with you.

Nigeria Now

Now open, Games City in Gwarinpa, For the latest arcade games & XD cinema. TEL 08163808087

Eltengi Plaza, 1st Avenue, Along Agete Hotel road Gwarinpa Abuja.

Tel 08163808087  or 08053531150 or 07088107210















Games City

Abuja is a new arcade in Gwarinpa set on two levels. 


A rooftop section with all the latest electronic arcade games and  a family-friendly eatery to keep you fueled.

The ground floor section houses the 1st XD cinema in Abuja plus another

 restaurant.   It is an ideal location for that fantastic birthday party  or a well deserved school excursion.  















Teens, pre teens, younger children and even adults will find all the latest coin/ card operated computerized games, very exciting while the retro-minded will find some classic old fashioned games appealing.




The upstairs tends to be a haven for the active games and younger children, give it a try today. For that unique activity in Abuja, get the Games City experience.



The path of self-discovery and originality from cradle to greatness is less traveled by sojourners because it is long, dusty, and turbulent with no shortcuts to the preferred destination. Great men like CHARLY BOY are not necessarily perfect. They only stand out from the crowd with a mark of distinction and deviation- daring to be who they truly are. Thus, they see, think and act above the norm of events. They do not speak the language of the immediate generation and are rarely understood by contemporaries because they are future-based and in some cases stigmatized as controversial until their perspectives and actions, for which they were stigmatized become obvious to the wondering society in retrospect.

Early in life, CHARLY BOY, like the Legendary Afro-beat King, FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI, was tossed between upholding his aristocratic status as first son of the renowned JUSTICE CHUKWUDIFU OPUTA, and establishing his originality on the sands of time by heeding the call of destiny to make a difference in his generation. He rebelled against parental interference in his career path with a determination to deliver himself as a gift to his generation. A decision he paid dearly for. Today, CHARLY BOY is not only an entertainer but a house hold name and an enigmatic social engineer who has carved a niche for himself with an amazing cult followership. C.B as he is fondly called by close pals and loyalists chose a different path against the wish of his people and consistently pursued his vision to reality.


The seemingly lost child has now become one of the most respected of his family and a reputable figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. From the days of no slippers like our President, to the years of lost future in the village, the enigmatic Area Fada began his journey. When little or nothing is heard about those he started with, CHARLY BOY has consistently kept his brand above boards. He is indisputably one of the most celebrated Nigerian entertainers, and obviously one of the richest celebrities in Africa. Not much has been known over time about what the AREA FADA is worth in terms of wealth.


Today, we have decided to dig into the world of fame and affluence of the AREA FADA, who navigated his way out of the artificial poverty he created for himself. Today, the Lost - sheep has become a child with a vision, and the same parents we hear live in his family house in Gwarinpa- Abuja. It would be recalled that he had reportedly acquired a second-hand Helicopter in 2009 for his family use. Investigation had revealed that CHARLY BOY sold the Helicopter after one week of purchase due to some mechanical faults. However, the man who is synonymous with innovation zeal, zest and enthusiasm has continued to amass wealth for himself and his family through his artistic ingenuity. CHARLY BOY who has been away to the United Kingdom for a tour is rumoured to have just acquired another second-hand Helicopter worth $780,000.00.

Complete toys


It was rumoured that the Areafada bought the Helicopter from a company called Rim, which recently put up one of its Helicopters for sale. CHARLY BOY was said to have quickly rushed to the company to pay for the Helicopter. We cannot say exactly where the transaction took place. As a result of this new development, we have taken a special timeout to gather very explicit and reliable information on the AREA FADA’S wealth profile from a source very close to the AREA FADA. It is so shocking to know that CHARLY BOY has acquired apartments on every street in Gwarinpa, Abuja. It was further disclosed that out of his patriotism of the estate, Galadima bus stop and his street were named after him. The different houses he possesses have been put out to rent, as most of the tenants do not even have ideas on who owns them, as they deal strictly with the agents and his lawyers. His 25 buildings in Gwarinpa cannot be disputed. In recognition of his antecedents as a social engineer, some Bus stops in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Benin have been named after him.


The source had also given us some pictures he got from CHARLY BOY showing his different apartments abroad including Dubai (see photos), thirty landed property in Abuja including the newly secured CHARLY BOY YOUTH CENTRE, fleet of cars and power bikes, 3 apartments in Lagos, an apartment in the United States, and a night club in England. A credible source had disclosed further that CHARLY BOY recently sold one of his apartments in Ghana. The Multi-billionaire has a mansion for an office just immediately after his house in the same estate. CHARLY BOY has been rated by our reporter as one of the richest living celebrities in Nigeria. He has not only acquired fame, but stupendous wealth as well. Despite the success, many troubling questions abound. Why has his life remained eccentric? Many have concluded that it is as a result of his wealth that he continues to spend money on make-ups, eccentric costumes. Some have said that it is because he feels so successful that he now sleeps in Coffins, keeps Python as a pet and a host of other weird things he does. Even at that, he is obviously not deterred by mounting criticisms as he appears to be too comfortable with his life-style.

Today, “The Stone that the builders rejected” has now become “the chief cornerstone” in the OPUTA family. The supposed stubborn child, and so called “big rascal”, and “black - sheep” of the family is now a positive reference point and major help to the family. Despite his achievements, the General of the People’s army as he is sometimes called is down to earth. People who have met the Areafada one on one have confessed that his humility is to a fault. This is not unconnected to the place he stands in the society.


This could also be a strategy he has put in place to be associate freely with the masses he advocates for. Apart from his wealth, not many are even aware that the Areafada is a grandfather. Charlyboy is said to be happy with his 9 children who are all doing well in their various endeavors. They are mostly graduates. One of his sons is an Associate Professor at MIT, Boston. His meteoric rise from grass to grace is not just phenomenal but inspiring. Certainly, behind every glory, there is a story. Indeed CHARLY BOY’S story is that of “from rags to riches”, “from cradle to greatness”, from obscurity to fame, from poverty to stupendous wealth and from failure to success in life. This is a story of vision, doggedness, consistency, tenacity, perseverance and great focus; an obvious inspirational story to the youth.

Hurry , book your events at a Newly Opened Events centre near Asokoro, The Sassy J events Venue



Sassy J  events centre was recently opened near  Asokoro, on Lord Luggard street Area 11, Garki Abuja . The   event centre is one of the  newest event centres In Abuja, it renders a variety of services ranging from in-house event management  to outdoor catering and hiring of marquee.


With a well-positioned 50 by 100 massive marquee arched windows and  a fully kitted  quality interior decor and breath taking Air-conditioning, you can host  anything from 400 to 1000 guests; it’s simply the solution for everyone.

It also has ample parking space and a massive standby generator to ensure constant power supply during your function.


An Added advantage is, they run a clean and classy outside-garden/bar which allows guests the option to have a drink and chill out in  the natural green  surroundings.







  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Cocktail events
  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate functions
  • Conferences
  • Political Functions


Lord Lugard Street Area 11, Garki, Abuja


Total filling station, Asokoro

Contacts: 08023060233,  0818598828,  08050423321

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Abuja City Paper is looking to recruit guest bloggers mainly Abuja based to join our growing team of expert bloggers on business,fashion,politcs, travel, lifestyle, Nightlife, finance and more. 

This is your chance to get your name and your writing skills noticed and to be part of our site,which will evolve in a number of directions. Do you have what it takes to write for ? Want to get your name and work noticed? Want to be able to have a platform for your writing and be able to build a portfolio of your work on our site to show future employers?
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Invitation to Bid at National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-Formal Education , Abuja


National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-Formal Education
Plot 1641, Bade Close, Off Ubiaja Crescent, P.M.B 295, Garki, Abuja.
Invitation to Bid
1.       Introduction
The National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-Formal Education (NMEC) wishes under the 2012 budget to invite competent and reputable suppliers to bid for the following respectively:
2.       Scope of Work:
Lot 1:          Procurement of Office Furniture and Equipment for NMEC, Vocational Centre, Minna.
Lot 2:          NMEC, Head Quarters office furniture
Lot 3:          Reprinting of NMEC Publications.
Requirements for Bidding:
a.       Evidence of company’s Registration with CAC.
b.       Detailed company profile.
c.       Last 3years (2009, 2010 & 2011) Company’s Tax Clearance Certificate.
d.       VAT Registration Certificate and evidence of Remittance to FIRS.
e.       Evidence of Current Audited Accounts for the last three (3) years.
f.       Evidence of previous similar supplies or printing work done e.g. letters of         award, engagement, payment etc.
g.       Evidence of Financial capability and banking support.
h.       Clear office address.
i.        Sworn affidavit that none of the company’s director is an ex-convict.
j.        Sworn affidavit that the company is not bankrupt.
4.       Collection/Submission of Bidd1ng Documents:
Interested bidders should pick the bid documents (On payment of non –refundable tender fee of =N=5,000.00 to National Commission for Mass Literacy, Account Number 2002565347, First Bank Nig Plc.) from the Head of Procurement, 2nd floor NMEC Head Office, Plot 1641 Bade Close, off Ubiaja Crescent. Garki, Abuja. Submission of bid should be done in sealed envelope (with evidence of payment) marked ‘Bid for Procurement Lot 1, Lot 2 Or Lot 3 (Bidders are allowed to bid for Only one Lot) and addressed to:
The Secretary
Tenders’ Board
Plot 1641 Bade Close,
Off Ubiaja Crescent,
Garki, Abuja
5.       Closing of Bids
Submission of bid closes on 11th October, 2012 at 12 noon. Please note: Bids submitted after stipulated time will not be treated.
6.     Opening of Bids
Opening of bids will take place by 1 p.m on the same date as above at the Commission’s Head office Conference Room.