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Giant APC Broom at Abuja City Gate, A gift that keeps giving...


The Giant APC broom erected at the Abuja City gate a month ago has been dismantled completely. The Broom was a gift from some unknown staunch supporters and caused such a stir the images went viral as soon as it was erected, Nigerians from all sides of



Political spectrum were either in support or opposed to the giant Symbol at City gate.

Well the good news is all is not lost, most of the remains of this giant broom will now be found in PANTEKA ! (Abuja's biggest Scrap Market) Creating viable employment for some of the young unemployed in the Abuja Metropolis. Which makes this a gift that continues to give...

Chief operations Officer Vacancy #Abuja (March 2019) #AbujaTwitterCommunity

JOB VACANCY An Abuja based company is looking to fill the following vacancies: POSITION: COO (Chief Operations Officer) Qualification required: Polytechnic or University graduate JOB DESCRIPTION: This role will involve the coordination of various activities which contribute towards the smooth running of the company. It will also involve sourcing of material and labour as needed for the solution of day to day logistic problems. This is a dynamic role where each day would be different from the previous day. The ideal candidate must be trustworthy, self-driven, versatile, dynamic in knowledge and ability and ready to undertake/supervise/execute a wide range of duties. APPLICATION Send your cv to For any questions or clarification please call 08184317007