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European film festival Abuja 2014

Euro-cropped flyer


The European Film Festival in Abuja will take place at Silverbird, from the 15th of May to the 24th of May. Admission is free! This is the  schedule  below. 

Thursday 15th May 8.00 pm - El Greco (Greece)

Friday 16th May: 6.00 pm - A horse on the balcony (Austria) 8.00 pm - A bag of Flour (Belgium)

Saturday 17th May: 6.00 pm - Rolli and the golden key (Finland) 8.00 pm - Keep Talking (France)

Sunday 18th May: 6.00 pm - Grabbers (Ireland) 8.00 pm - Sleeping Sickness (Germany)

Monday 19th May: 6.00 pm - The Viceroys (Italy) 8.00 pm - The Marathon (Netherlands)

Tuesday 20th May: 6.00 pm - The Kautokeino Rebellion (Norway) 8.00 pm - Walesa, Man of Hope (Poland)

Wednesday 21st May: 6.00 pm - Profession Kosta Vujic's hat (Serbia) 8.00 pm - Me too (Spain)

Thursday 22nd May: 6.00 pm - The Ice Dragon (Sweden) 8.00 pm - More than Honey (Switzerland)

Friday 23rd May: 6.00 pm - Mommo (Turkey) 8.00 pm - What if (Greece)

Saturday 24th May: 6.00 pm - Little white lies (France) 8.00 pm - The loft (Czech Belgium)

Sunday 25th May: 6.00 pm - Lila Lila (Germany) 8.00 pm - I will get back (Italy)

Monday 26th May: 6.00 pm - The Apostol (Spain) 8.00 pm - The International (Netherlands)