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5 distinct Eateries that have sprung up in Lugbe, Abuja

By Blessing Mills, guest writer / Blogger


Nigeria is a huge country with an assortment of tribal groups. Just as the Nigerian culture is varied and diversified, so also is the food recipes and cuisine. All the different ethnic groups in Nigeria have peculiar ways of cooking food as well as the staple food by which they are known.


Yes, that is the case even though foods like rice and eba/soup are general and are eaten by all the ethnic groups, their manner of preparing these foods still vary from tribe to tribe and from one ethnic group to the other. All the Nigeria food recipes are a combination of local food, fruit, vegetables, fishes and meats of different types and kinds.

Abuja, the federal capital territory, is packed full with Nigerians from different ethnic groups and cultures that have left their original villages, towns and states in search of greener pastures. These people of course carried with them their various traditions and cultures into the city, cuisine, food recipes and eating habits inclusive. This has led to the springing up of a variety of eateries which serve the needs of the people of different cultures and ethnic groups as well as international visitors or residents within the city.

Looking at the city center of Abuja Federal Capital Territory (FCT), which could rightly be termed the “Fastest growing city in Africa” one could hardly believe that there will be communities within the locality of Abuja that aren’t as developed as the city center.

However, the high cost of living within the city gave rise to many satellite towns in Abuja among which is Lugbe.    


Lugbe is a densely populated area with top class, middle class and lower class individuals living within the area. Many people, who work within the city center, live in Lugbe as a result of its close proximity to the city center and due to the cost of living within the city center. Consequently, Lugbe has become a bee hive of activities with people engaging in different activities to make ends meet.

Eateries, restaurants and fast food business as well as local “suya” sellers, “akara”-bean cake makers and local “mama put” sellers are also flourishing and booming. Lugbe has in fact become one of the major trading centers of Abuja. Among the majority of eateries that have sprung up in Lugbe are restaurants and fast Foods making a variety of Nigerian and African food recipes and cuisines as well as intercontinental dishes.

Soup 1

You will find English dishes, Local Nigerian/African dishes, and assorted international dishes- mixed /American, Indian and Chinese cuisines among many others. If you ever happen to be in Lugbe, do not hesitate to visit some of these eateries, you will find them useful and helpful. These eateries can make your breakfasts, lunches and dinners divine and ecstatic moments. The food is always freshly cooked and the environment clean and tidy.

Some are experts in a variety of sea food especially fried rice and fish. You are sure to get an excellent in house service as well as outdoor services. You can also book their “take away services”. They are always hungry for your feedback, be it positive or negative to help improve their services and that is why they are ever ready to assist whatever your feeding needs are. However, we are just going to give you 5 different eateries among the vast majority of eateries in Lugbe to enable you make a choice when you need their services.

These five eateries are:

1. BIEN VENUE FAST FOOD Plot 290, 1st Avenue, FHA Estate, Off Airport Road, Lugbe, Abuja Beside Ngab Filling Station, Bama Road Lugbe, Abuja. Phone 08023193144 Fax 08023193144

2. MR. BIGGS Located close to Plot 556A, 4th Ave Federal Housing Estate Lugbe Abuja Local foods and intercontinental foods and snacks

3. BV FAST FOOD: Lugbe FHA, Abuja, Nigeria Located close to the Federal Housing Estate bus stop -while coming into Lugbe from the city center And on the same straight road

4. HILL TOP STOP OVER RESTAURANT 4th Avenue, FHA Estate Hill Opp. Corner Shop, Lugbe, Abuja, FCT

5. TEEKLES RESTAURANT: Suite 1, Block 49, Neighborhood Shopping Centre, E Complex, FHA Estate, Phase II, Lugbe, Abuja, FCT