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The Core of Who Am I by Goodluck Jonathan



The Core of Who Am I


As I go about Nigeria campaigning, I am telling Nigerians my detailed plans for Nigeria. However, today I want to talk to you about the core of why I am in public service.


Public office to me is not a means to adding value to the holder of the office. Publc office is the vehicle through which social harmony, happiness and inspirational communal existence is promoted and enhanced. I personally  do not believe that you become a 'big man' by simply holding a public office. No! People with that type of mentality are only borrowing moral authority from the office they occupy and as soon as they leave that office that authority leaves them.


I believe that public office is a pedestal for you to use your strength of character to add value to the office by serving the people you are meant to serve and giving glory to our Creator.


Some people accuse me of being humble to the point of servility. They do not understand that the whole purpose of public office is to serve. This is why our late great leader, Umaru Musa Yar'adua said that we were servant leaders. We have not come to demand service from Nigeria but to give service.


This is the principal reason why I opened this page to communicate with Nigerians. I am acutely aware that I do not hold this position of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the wishes of any power other than the freely given mandate of the Nigerian people and the grace of God. And that is why I communicate with you because next to the Almighty God, the Nigerian people are my power source and just as an electrical appliance will not work when not connected to it's power source so also can I not work effectively if I am not connected with you the good people of Nigeria.


And while there are politicians who have substantial commitment to Nigeria and others who may have partial commitment to Nigeria, my commitment to Nigeria is total and there is evidence to back it up.


It is believed that a man's greatest treasures are his children and immediate family and the proverb goes that where a man's treasures are there his heart also will be. All my children, every last one of them school in Nigeria and of course my wife and I are fully on the ground. Some might describe other treasures a man has as his real estate property. And again every property I have in life is in Nigeria. Some might consider money as another treasure and again all my accounts every last one of them is domiciled in Nigeria. In everything I do I make a conscious decision to put Nigeria first whether it is in my dressing or the food I eat, or even the music I listen to. I am totally sold out on Nigeria.


What does this tell you? My commitment to Nigeria is not partial, neither is it substantial, but it is total. You can trust me to take good decisions on behalf of Nigeria because I am a stakeholder whose progress is tied to the progress of Nigeria.


This is the core of who Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is. I have made myself an open book, completely transparent to Nigerians because I want to earn your trust. I do not want to demand trust, but I want to inspire it by the way I live my life and with your help and God's favour I shall continue to do this. GEJ


There is jubilation in Nigeria this weekend about the Freedom of information bill past this last week in Abuja.(After more than a decade of being debated)

But what is this freedom of information bill?


I was in India recently and had to visit a government department in Goa. I was very suprised when at the entrance I saw a sign clearly stating that indian citizens had a right to walk in and demand information from within most state departments. I asked an Indian friend of mine and he confirmed this to be true.

Abujacity.com_right to information

I marvelled at such a concept in a country with a population like Indias , I wondered if this could ever be  adopted in Nigeria, took a picture of the sign and forgot about it until this weekend.

Imagine walking into any government ministry in Abuja requesting to view certain information e.g all contracts awarded by the ministry this year, all open tenders etc and then imagine the clerk you meet at the reception handing over a printed A4 sheet of paper with all requested info and going thank you sir , Is there anything else we can do for you today?

In this country, almost everyone you encounter feels its thier God given right to hoard information especially in government ministries.


The freedom of Information (FOI) Bill is a Bill that,  gives every Nigerian a legal right of access to information, records, and documents held by government bodies and private bodies carrying out public functions.


It applies to all arms of government: the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary as well as to all tiers of government: Federal, State, and Local governments.


Nigeria has no law which guarantees citizens access to public records and information.

On the contrary, many Nigerian laws have secrecy clauses prohibiting the disclosure of information e.g. the Official Secret Act, the Criminal Code, the Penal Code, etc.

 Most public servants are made to swear to oaths of secrecy when employed and the general consequence of these is an entrenched culture of secrecy and arbitrariness in government institutions.

 Anyone requesting information need not demonstrate a special interest in the information.

 The Bill sets time limits within which government and public bodies must release information requested and provides for judicial review where access to information is denied.

 There are certain categories of information that are exempted from the general right of access and these  include such information as: Defence/security matters,The conduct of international affairs, Law enforcement investigation, Trade secrets, Financial, commercial, and technical and scientific information of economic value.


Hopefully this bill will impact corruption significantly in the long term, But before all the Jubilation , we should also remember India has succesfully transfered most records to some kind of electronic /digital format, so there has to be some major ICT initiatives here to make this effective in Nigeria and ultimately you need electricity to run these machines so the POWER HOLDISTs Company needs to step up and allow both electricity and information to flow.







Goodluck Jonathan on the evacuation of Nigerians in Libya via FB (Updated 27th feb)


To those with friends and family in Libya please let the news that I have instructed the minister of foreign affairs to immediately embark on the evacuation of Nigerian citizens from Libya just as was successfully done in the case of Egypt calm your fears. I really want to communicate this truth to Nigerians that the life of EVERY Nigerian has value in my sight. GEJ



UPDATE 27th February 2011

In furtherance to my directive that Nigerians stranded in Libya be immediately evacuated, I want family and friends of the victims to know that 500 of the 2000 stranded victims have landed in Abuja while the rescue operation will go on until everyone willing to return is brought back safely. Under my watch there will be no Nigerian left behind in troubled zones. GEJ

Did you Know , 2 years ago many illegal immigrants from Nigeria were being executed in Libya?

Recent reports on the situation in Libya rekindled an issue which I believe still exists and should be addressed  ASAP by the relevant authorities considering the current political climate in Libya.


About 2 years ago some reports were circulated in the Nigerian media but i believe not internationally so somewhere down the line it was difficult to verify.


The reports were claiming 220 Nigerians were to be executed and mostly for immigration offences it sounded ludicris then but anyone with good knowledge of this region knew to pay careful attention.

On one particular facebook discussion thread , this issue was debated back and forth with no concrete conclusion.

The plight of one  Benedict Ukoma Jude sounded very disturbing. (wonder where he is...)

It was gathered that the arrested Nigerians were kept separately from other nationals from Ghana, Niger, Cameroun ,Algeria and Mali just as the Nigerians were being dehumanized before their alleged execution. An official of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja however told our correspondent that Nigerian government was not aware of such development.Benedict Ukoma Jude who spoke to New Nigerian from his prison cell in Libya yesterday said most Nigerian illegal immigrants were arrested in the desert while trying to cross to Europe.

Benedict, who also denied being involved in any criminal activity in Libya said, the illegal aliens were arraigned before a court after the arrest, adding that the charges against them were read to them in the language they could not understand while the judicial officers feighned not to understand English.

He alleged that the Libyan authorities have been killing illegal aliens in batches since last week, stressing that the remaining prisoners would be executed tomorrow as over 10 Nigerians were among those executed yesterday.



The next  news about any such executions emanating from Libya came last year from Amnesty International highlighting executions taking place in Libya.

Fast Forward 2011 we now see how easily the Ghadaffi regime is prepared to murder innocent Libyans on account of a freedom they trully deserve.


Lets hope for a rapid resolution to this conflict and the appropriate authorities in Nigeria should revisit the matter.


Who Knows what ever became of the panel setup to investigate the matter.


But on this occasion It is of utmost importance for the current government to take immediate action, members of the current opposition voicing thier opinions on this matter are very credible and do seem to be concerned beyond everyday politics.


for more info contact Phillip Ideh




Nigerians in Libya, have evacuations commenced ? please confirm

As of this morning, most governments with citizens in Libya had commenced steps for evacuation of thier citizens out of Libya.



Nigeria being no different does have a large number of it's citizens residing there also, The country is generally used as a transit point for people continuing into Europe, but because the economy is relatively better than the Nigerian economy, some people do settle there and establish themselves in Libya .



The Federal Government recently confirmed evacuation of Nigerians from Libya.

If you are residing in Libya , can you please confirm you are being evacuated ?  or is it a case of ...



Goodluck Nigeria 2011 Mobile App for Blackberry, iPad, iPhone and other Mobile Phones

A new Mobile app has just been launched by the Goodluck Nigeria campaign highligting one more avenue where the president can interact with the younger generation in Nigeria. Definately a first.




President Goodluck Jonathan represents a generation of Nigerians that identify with the youths as well as the older population. He believes in interacting broadly with the youth as he brings the much needed transformation in Nigeria. Now with the GOODLUCK NIGERIA 2011 App, for Blackberry, iPad, iPhone and other Mobile Phones, you become a part of the transformation movement. Send a direct message to Goodluck Jonathan (one that he will read), get the latest news, read his agenda, enjoy videos and music, join the movement. Remember to check back frequently since we update you with the latest national news through out the day. Most importantly pass it on and stay involved.


To download, click on this link and select your device type when you visit from your mobile phone..

Idlelo 5 to hold in Abuja, Nigeria


The 5th African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons – IDLELO 5 to be hosted by Open Source Foundation for Nigeria in Abuja, Nigeria

Accra, February 1, 2011

The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa is officially announcing the 5th African Conference on FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and the Digital Commons – Idlelo 5. Under the theme “Open Source Solutions for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)” the conference will be held in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria under the auspices of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. IDLELO 5 follows successful series of conferences already held in Cape Town, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya; Dakar, Senegal and Accra, Ghana. IDLELO 5 in Abuja, Nigeria shall be held from March 19 - 23, 2012

IDLELO is the premier African continent' s open source gathering. Every two years, the continent dedicates a one-week period to appraise its open source and free software initiatives, expertise, community, challenges and experiences. This March event is the continent's rallying point for critical issues in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as they are directly related to the development of its people, governments and business enterprises.

IDLELO 5 will be one event for FOSS practitioners, developer and advocates and well as governments, education and businesses to showcase results, share experiences and challenges, review progress on the continent in diverse domains and chart a way forward for an African future grounded in true ownership of technology that will help achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

IDLELO 5 will consist of hackathons, awards, tutorials, hands-on trainings, demos, field visits and presentations on key FOSS and information technology areas. It will welcome a diverse number of parallel events, an exhibition and a business round table. The conference will welcome FOSS and IT keynote speakers, project, companies, solutions and innovations, not just in Africa, but across the global FOSS community. IDLELO 5 will mark the 10 years of the Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA

IDLELO 5 offers a real opportunity to discuss new issues, tackle complex problems and find advanced enabling solutions able to shape new trends in FOSS and related technologies on the African continent.

About the Conference
IDLELO is a Southern African word meaning "Common Grazing Ground". IDLELO captures the essence of Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa's (FOSSFA's) existence as well as the fundamental objective of the conference. The original idea of an African conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons was born at about the same time as FOSSFA itself. Over its past editions, IDLELO has gained grounds, extended its grazing limits and have nutured more binary green grass!

FOSSFA is Africa's premier Non-Governmental FOSS organisation on the continent. The vision of FOSSFA is to promote the use of FOSS and the FOSS model in African development. FOSSFA supports the integration of FOSS in national policies, coordinates, promotes and adds value to African FOSS initiatives, creativity, industry, expertise, efforts and activities at all levels. FOSSFA partners with development organizations who share these goals towards a participatory and gender-mainstreamed sustainable development and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals in Africa.

The Open Source Foundation for Nigeria is the nation's association of its FOSS activists, media, academia, researchers, developers, businesses, agencies for the common FOSS objective. Its mission is to promote and educate decision makers in government, educators, NGOs, businesses and citizens on the advantages of using the Linux Operating System, Free and Open Source Applications and Open Standards.


About is Abuja’s marketing, tourism and networking organization.

Established in 1998, our mission is to maximize entrepreneurial opportunities throughout the federal capital territory with a particular focus on  hospitality, entertainment, real estate and  media.  Build economic prosperity and spread the dynamic image of  Africa’s fastest growing city globally.

 With the launch of our   interactive initiatives—including (city guide), Cyblug (blog channel)  and the Information  portal—  becomes the ultimate resource for visitors and residents to find everything they need about what to do and see in Abuja City., always The Right Click!
email: info(at)

Millenium Park Abuja matures into a true recreational park

The Millennium Park is the largest public park of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria and is located in the Maitama district of the city.

The Millennium Park was inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom on the 4th December 2003. It’s located near to the former Presidential Palace close to the nucleus of presidential and administrative buildings of the city-  source Wikipedia


After 7 years of existence, the Millenium park in Abuja has finally matured into a true recreational park like many others around the world.

On Sundays in particular there is usually a large number of people coming out to make use of the facility, these days you find lots of kids in the play ground, lovers in the lawns, people casually taking walks , lots of music dancing and pickniking.

I was amazed to see loads of roller bladers in the park , renting , selling skates  and giving skating classes on the spot for those interested.

The most intriguing thing i noticed though was the popularity of this bottle ring tossing  game being played at the entrance to the park, it reminded me of what you would see at a carnival.


by Phillip Ideh (Jnr)