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Logistician & Administrative Coordinator Vacancy, Abuja

                                                                                  Closing Date: Monday, 01 November 2010

Logistician & Administrative Coordinator

Action Against Hunger-CANADA

Non Profit Organisation

Closing date: 01 Nov 2010

Location: Nigeria - Abuja

Mission's Logistics is properly set-up and coordinated

To set up Mission's logistics systems according to ACF standards:

  • To implement Mission's logistics essential procedures

  • Organization and supervision of the supply chain ensuring timely and quality provision of supplies to the program and base

  • Implementation of standard procurement procedures

  • Set up and management of warehouse facilities in accordance project needs

  • Equipment assessment, planning, purchase, allocation and management as well as development of tools and procedures of equipment management as needed

  • Organization and supervision of the fleet and its management (rental contracts, movements follow up, report, log book maintenance) in accordance with Kit Log and security regulations

  • Organization and subsequent supervision of information management and means of communication ensuring adherence to security procedures

To recruit and manage logistic departments staff:

  • Recruitment, organization of the logistic department; forecast of the HR logistics needs and preparation of organizational chart updates (logistics department)

  • Capacity building and training of national logistics team, particularly on ACF and donors guidelines/procedures

  • Overall technical support and evaluation of national logistics staff

  • Briefing of all new expatriates (security + basic logistic)

To manage Mission's logistics properly and efficiently:

  • Specification and forecast of further logistics structures, systems, and needs for current and new projects

  • Planning and management of the logistic budget lines as well as cost analysis of logistics related expenses

  • Implementation and standardization of the logistic procedures and donor-specific regulations; development of additional procedures if required

  • Assessment of logistic needs, evaluation of the costs and feasibility for the supplies, draft of the procurement planning & logistic budget

  • Liaison with the HQ for all the logistics aspects

  • Opening field base in Yobe

To provide support to the Country Director (CD) and Field Co on security management:

  • Development/update and implementation of security-related systems and procedures on the mission under the supervision of the CD / Desk officer

  • Organization of training on security for expatriate and national staff in collaboration with CD

  • Involvement in crisis and incident management and reporting under the supervision of CD / desk officer

Mission's Finance department is properly set-up and coordinated (with the temporary support of Finance & HR Coordinator)

To set up and ensure proper financial management, in liaison with the Managing HQ and CD:

  • Collaborate intensively with all staff to ensure the most effective management of contracts

  • Collaborate intensively with all staff to efficiently forecast the budgetary needs of the mission

  • Producing monthly accounts using the accountancy program SAGA and methodology of Action Against Hunger USA

  • Controlling the expenses of the mission and strictly manage the funds of the mission's donor contracts

  • Provision of updates on rate of expenditure of budgets

  • Controlling bank transfers, money withdrawal, 'in country' cash management, currency exchanges, etc

  • Security of the money in the premises and during transfers into and within the country ensuring that a minimum of cash remains in the bases and the mission in general

  • Coordinate with all staff to establish budgets (and budget amendments if necessary) for new proposals thereby requiring superior knowledge of donor policy and guidelines

  • Producing quarterly and final financial reports for donors (and follow-up of Structure budget as necessary)

  • Ensuring the correct filing of invoices of the mission's accounts

  • Preparation of reports / information for Auditors (when necessary) and conduct internal audits of the mission itself

  • Communicate all expatriate advances to Headquarters and ensure that they have been properly encoded in the accountancy

  • Follow the mission's payables and receivables to certify that the organization remains up-to-date

  • Create and implement a mission financial plan

To set up and ensure proper administrative management, in liaison with Program Manager / Field Coordinator / Technical Coordinator / CD

  • Ensure adherence to the administrative and financial conditions of the Donor contracts

  • Remain up-to-date with any changes in donor requirements and to be the reference point for donor questions for the mission

  • Maintain relations (regarding administrative issues) with other NGOs / international organizations in country

  • Negotiation, drafting / checking, and signature, of contracts for renting / purchases / services

  • Contract management for all ongoing contracts

  • Registration of Organization - ensure adherence to ongoing requirements and procedures

Mission's HR department is properly set-up and coordinated (with the temporary support of Finance & HR Coordinator)

To set-up and ensure proper national HR management

  • Coordination and implementation of national human resources policy and procedures - to ensure fair, consistent and coherent decisions and actions regarding categories, salaries, promotions, trainings, evaluations and disciplinary sanctions

  • Payment of salaries, and taxes and social charges to the relevant authorities

  • Ensure staff files are complete and updated: vacation follow-up, contracts, salaries, warnings, evaluations, etc.

  • Producing all staff related documents: salary scale (to be updated every year with market surveys), internal regulations, evaluation forms, recruitment forms, etc.

  • Providing support and guidance to all managers in human resource management including, but not limited to, warnings, dismissals, recruitment, promotion, evaluation, resolution of conflicts, and the like

  • Labour legislation - ensure compliance with national legislation (employment contracts, internal regulations, records of employment taxes and contributions, etc.)

To set-up and ensure proper international HR management

  • Follow-up of expatriates' contracts: renewal, insurance cover, incoming / returning formalities

  • Produce monthly human resources package

  • Update of administrative documents: ensure all visas are current, registration at the embassies are submitted; update expatriate record sheets

  • Brief, and provide a continued point of reference, for expatriates on the administrative details of the mission and ACF

  • Supervise travel arrangements, payment of Per Diem, advances on indemnities, and break allowances

  • Responsible to manage medical evacuation (if necessary)

Education / specific degree / special skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of standard logistics procedures and practices

  • Minimum of one year of previous experience in Humanitarian/development

  • Strong management skills

  • High degree of maturity, flexibility and responsibility

  • Financial management experience

  • NGO safety and security management

  • Communication and coordination skills

How to apply

We accept candidates all the time. Please send your CV and cover letter on our website www.actioncontrelafaim.ca/jobs

Please note that in order to apply for this position at ACF Canada, you need to have a Canadian Citizenship or be a Permanent Resident of Canada. If you do not meet those requirements, please send your application to our other offices by visiting their website at: http://www.actioncintrelafaim.org for France, http://www.accioncontraelhambre.org for Spain, or http://www.actionagainsthunger.org/ for USA.

Reference Code: RW_8ACRWU-40