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Dr Amos Adamu on a very hot seat, do you see smoke or fire?


 20th October Update :
Nigeria's Amos Adamu Suspended By FIFA Over $800,000 Bribe Scandal



The Global media is awash today with the story involving our very own Dr Amos Adamu member of world football governing body FIFA's executive committee, alleging he asked for approximately $800,000 which would help develop artificial football pitches in Nigeria (True story, im not kidding) as opposed to for personal enrichment. Well Adamu is currently claiming innocence and entrapment on the part of the british media. And Fifa has vowed to investigate thoroughly, All we can say here at is that the image of Nigeria has yet again suffered another setback on the global arena...

Dr Amos Adamu on a hot seat.

But for people who call us crazy, read one of our articles from 2005         You can then do your research on COJA, and If you need help determining smoke from fire read this other Link from SAHARA Reporters last year Or a complete analysis of Nigerian sports in the hands of Dr Amos Adamu culled from the NigerianVillagesquare.


As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire...


18th october update


Amos Adamu and Nigerian Sports


Dr Amos Adamu, and the current Director of Sports in the Federal Ministry of Sports is not a mere mortal, believe me. He is the Alpha and Omega of Nigerian Sports. He came in as Director of Sports Development over 20 years ago on the back of having a doctorate degree in Physical Education. And he has waxed ever stronger since then. He is a FIFA member, a member of CAF and now, after a brief hiccup, he is the President of the West African Football Union (WAFU), that body whose first President was the indomitable, incorruptible and excellent late Mr J K Tandoh. Dr Adamu is a far cry from the success, reputation, uprightness and commitment of such people as J K Tandoh and late Isaac Akioye. Adamu’s over twenty years at the helm of Nigerian sports has been a disaster. He has overseen the ruinous decline of sports in the country in the past two decades, yet some people up there still think he is the best and only man to run Nigerian sports. In fact he retired after COJA (the All African Games held in Abuja between 5th and 17th October 2003), and they practically had to go and beg him to come back again, because apparently to them he is the only man who can save Nigerian sports, and this after years of terrible decline supervised by the same man. I am not surprised, because he has managed to compromise a lot of them. All the Sports Ministers he has served under – or rather, all the Sports Ministers that have served under him – were no more than puppets. I heard that the moment a new Minister is appointed for sports; usually his first visitor will be our Amos, with “Ghana Must Go” bags to enable the Honourable Minister to “settle down in his new job”. We are not even sure if our Director of Sports does not have a hand in the appointment ensuring that a man he can manipulate is appointed in the first place. When he organised All African Games, COJA in 2003, the aftermath was littered with corruption and mismanagement. It was this massive evidence of corruption that made Obasanjo, never a great sports fan himself, decide to back out of Nigeria’s bid to host the first ever Soccer World Cup in Africa, and resulted in South Africa getting that honour. Obasanjo also quickly foresaw that the evidence of corruption will also implicate some members of his family. The EFCC, then under Nuhu Ribadu, wanted to pick him up, but there was so much pressure from high up, that he had to succumb. The reason is that if Dr Adamu was ever picked up, he would start singing and the songs will not be melodious to the ears of some very top politicians and officials who had been compromised in the award of bogus or highly inflated contracts for the Games. They therefore had to use a lot of muscle on Ribadu to drop the investigations. It was a mess, and they must not let the shit hit the fan. He has a very good team of loyal acolytes who report to him. For the past ten or fifteen years, these loyalists are always appointed into one important sports committee or the other. An example is the Nigeria Football Association, with Sani Lulu and Ojo-Oba as Chairman and Secretary respectively. The Board is also packed full of his loyalists. (Please note that the Nigeria Football Association still does not have an official website) These two goons have been Adamu’s men for years. They do his bidding and ensure that no other outsider ever gets in. More importantly, they report back to him. Their continued stay will always ensure that Nigerian football never progresses. He also has his goons in other sports areas. The first objective of the loyalists is to serve their master, and not Nigerian sports. Of course, these loyalists also serve their own pockets. They do not contribute, and never will contribute, anything towards resuscitating Nigeria's comatose and moribund sports. They lack the knowledge and the ability, the focus and the ideas, the commitment and sincerity of purpose, to meaningfully contribute anything towards developing our sports. They are simply “yes-men”, sycophants, and corrupt charlatans parading themselves as sports officials. They are men of straw, doomed to serve a lesser god and doomed to failure, to be consigned to the dustbin of history. They are looters in power, like their godfather. Well done, Adamu. You will leave us one day and go and finish your days as a “pastor” as you have said you desire. Maybe God will make you confess all your sins, and probably make you return all our money in your possession. It is not too late to repent. Their time will come – these looters in power, however, para-phrasing Noam Chomsky's thesis, the only opposition now to these perpetrations of crimes and sins on Nigerians should be a continuous PUBLIC OPINION/OUTCRY at every whiff of scandalous corruption. And perhaps the civil societies and labour must help too. Let the truth be said always.