Dr Amos Adamu on a very hot seat, do you see smoke or fire?

Attention OSITADINMA BENJAMIN CHIDOKA - please deploy a permament unit to this round about

Every morning, I happen to drive into town from the direction of the games village in Abuja.

The chaos and disorganisation is simply embarrassing but more than anything else constant and Irritating.



You can bet your last Naira  that every morning from about 7am once the traffic starts to build up people will begin to divert from the proper lanes into the middle section of the expressway (Which is not a road) only to begin to make thier way back into traffick at the end of the road thereby causing havoc for everybody.


I believe this expressway is the Nnamdi Azikiwe Express , Many international schools are situated just off the express so you happen to see a lot of top Nigerian officials and foreign diplomats plying this route.


Unfortunately some even join in this act, Please, Please Nigeria @50 this is a simple way we can do the right thing especially in full glare of all kinds of people who simply look and think well "NIGERIA"


This is not acceptable and this is not normal , anywhere else the road safety corps would be out there controlling traffick ang issuing fines to anyone who violates the rule , believe me things will return to normal in no time.




Condolences to the officials who lost thier lives in an accident yesteday.