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Abuja Mass Transit, lets talk chainage.

In recent years, there have been various news reports about the Abuja Mass Transit project.


An idea that was concieved as part of the original master plan and one that would greatly reduce the growing traffic problems in Abuja due to the rapidly growing population.

There was a recent release of funds towards this project and some controversy surrounding the involvement or non involvement of Nigerian engineers by the chinese firm handling the contract

China Civil Engineering and Construction Corporation (CCECC). trucks


In the past, if you asked anyone about thier opinion on this kind of project in Nigeria, the response , gave you the impression it was another white elephant project.


I'm a little more hopefull these days because  recently, 2013 was mentioned as a dealine and I've actually seen the beginings of some kind of work I believe is a path for a mass transit rail system.


AbujaMetro rail

I't would easily provide employment for thousands of currently unemployed, And ease this rapid congestion problem in Abuja.


On a recent visit to South Africa, I marvelled at the new Guatrain, Image_commuters

not because it was a train , you see these in any progressive country , but especially because I remember when the annoucement  was made, saw the beginings of the project and watched how work on at least the first stages progressed especially in the run up to the world cup in South Africa.(Today you can take the train from the airport to Sandton in 15mins, it took 2 hours by road )


So I just hope those in charge can take a cue from all this and make it happen. But judging from the made in china sign I noticed on the site, I hope this is not some kind of indicator for the pace at which this work will be carried out. It will take one man a lot longer than we can anticipate.

AbujaCity.com_Manat work


Phillip Ideh (Jnr)




‎​R.I.P Osaze Omonbude a.k.a Sazzy

Today, an amazing Music talent  Sazzy succumbed to his battle with sickle cell anaemia!


He will always be remembered  for his brilliant work and the great talent he possessed.


''I really do believe with GOD, Hard work, Patience and Persistence you can achieve anything in life and I do hope all my aspirations and dreams shall come to pass. This is just the beginning for me, loads more is yet to come, music is about to change''. 



Sazzy was born Osaze Omonbude in Nigeria, Oct. 15 1984 As a child he grew up listening to mostly international acts like The fugees, Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Nas, Madonna, Shade, Fela and loads more.

He always had a dream to sing and produce internationally

Put the Gambia under the spotlight again, UK journalists urge Commonwealth Ministerial Group

Commonwealth Journalists Association (UK)

25 Northumberland Avenue, London WC2N 5AP


22 Oct 2010




Put the Gambia under the spotlight again, UK journalists urge

Commonwealth Ministerial Group


The UK branch of the Commonwealth Journalists Association (CJA-UK) has discussed with a small group of Gambian media-connected professionals the ‘climate of fear’ that has existed for the last 16 years in the independent media in that country.


This meeting, held in London recently, ended with a call for the Gambia to be reinstated on the list of countries considered by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG), which deals with serious or persistent violations of the Commonwealth values as laid down in the 1991 Harare Declaration. This covered, notably, human rights, democracy and good governance. CMAG was set up in 1995, when the Gambia, then under a military regime, was included on its agenda. It was taken off the agenda in 2002 as it was felt that the government was meeting basic democratic criteria, but it is understood that the Gambia is still discussed ‘below the radar.’


The CJA-UK is concerned at the climate of fear obtaining in the independent media in the Gambia, illustrated most dramatically in two unsolved crimes, the assassination of The Point editor, Deyda Hydara, in 2004, and the disappearance of Daily Observer reporter Ebrima Manneh in 2007. Media freedom in the Gambia cannot be said to exist.


The CJA-UK feels that it is now time to move the problems of the Gambia into more open discussion in the Commonwealth, especially since the CMAG mandate was broadened at the Coolum Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in 2002 to make it clear that violations by non-military regimes should be included, and for the first time, the Commonwealth was committed to protect freedom of expression.


The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative was also represented at the London meeting.


Please contact Mr Kaye Whiteman for further information.


The Commonwealth Journalists Association is an association for the individual journalist and has branches in many countries, some of them struggling in their not-so-free environments. Its strength comes from quiet work and moral influence in speaking for journalists throughout the Commonwealth, defending their interests, and assisting them in developing their skills. The headquarters is based in Toronto. Web sites: and

Sir Alan Sugar under fire over 'Nigeria insult' on The Apprentice




By  Martin Bentham,

He is used to handing out the criticism. But today Lord Sugar was on the receiving end as Nigeria's High Commissioner in London accused him of insulting millions of his countrymen.

In a statement, His Excellency Dr Dalhatu Sarki Tafida accused the Apprentice boss of making “demeaning” and “spurious” comments about the African country on his hit BBC show The Apprentice.

His Excellency accuses the peer of smearing Nigeria's reputation with an “unprovoked” and “damaging” attack based on his sordid dealings with one individual.

It comes after Lord Sugar suggested that Nigerians could not be trusted over financial promises.

During the opening episode of The Apprentice, the peer asked contestant Stuart Baggs why he should not be “fired” from the show.


Read the rest of the story here

Michael Tabor, Former Panther, Dies

I happened to meet and got to know Micheal Tabor , recently in the last 18months in Lusaka through a radio gig we had, he was a very interesting fellow & may his soul rest in peace. (pideh)


Michael Aloysius Tabor, a former member of the New York Chapter of the Black Panther Party, died on Sunday, October 17, 2010, in Lusaka, Zambia, according to his wife, Priscilla Matanda Tabor.

For the past two years he had been suffering from a protracted illness. Tabor was born in Harlem on December 13, 1946, to Grace Hunter and Michael Tabor, Sr. He attended the St. Aloysius Roman Catholic School on West 132nd Street.

Tabor joined the Black Panther Party in 1969 and took the name Cetewayo, a 19th century Zulu king. It was during that time that he wrote an insightful pamphlet on drug addiction called “Capitalism Plus Dope Equals Genocide.” According to former members, Tabor was one of the more well known of the spokespersons for the Panther Party and was admired for his deep baritone voice and charismatic personality.

He was among a group of 21members of the New York Chapter of the Panthers that was indicted in April of 1969 for conspiracy to commit coordinated attacks on New York City Police precincts and department stores. In February of 1971, while out on bail, Tabor flew to Algiers, Algeria in fear of his life due to internal conflicts that were developing within the Black Panther Party. Several months later all 21 defendants were acquitted of all charges.

Tabor arrived in Algiers with his new wife, fellow Black Panther Party member Connie Mathews, who had been the group’s International Coordinator. They became part of the International Section of the Black Party led by Eldridge Cleaver. For a time, the Panthers were guests of the Algerian Government, but were eventually expelled from the country.

In 1972 Tabor moved to Lusaka, Zambia, on a writing assignment for the Paris-based Africa-Asia magazine in order to cover the African liberation movements based there. He would remain in Lusaka for the next 38 years. After the death of his wife, Connie Mathews, he married Zambian national, Priscilla Matanda. Tabor became a popular and respected figure in Lusaka and continued writing on politics and culture for various publications. His distinctive voice allowed him to transition into radio and for many years he hosted programs that featured jazz, African and world music on several Lusaka radio stations.

His health deteriorated over the last two years after suffering a series of strokes in summer of 2008. Tabor is survived by his wife, Priscilla Matanda Tabor, daughter, Che Tabor Raye, sons, Carlos Tabor, Michael Ahmad Tabor, Michael Chikwe Tabor, and cousin, Invera Tabor.

Funds are being raised to send Cetewayo's 17-year-old son, Michael Chikwe Tabor, back home to Zambia to reunite with his family and mourn the loss of his father. Donations and letters of condolence can be set to: Malcolm X Commemoration Committee, P.O. Box 380-122, Brooklyn, New York 11238.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

written by By Melvin McCray

Logistician & Administrative Coordinator Vacancy, Abuja

                                                                                  Closing Date: Monday, 01 November 2010

Logistician & Administrative Coordinator

Action Against Hunger-CANADA

Non Profit Organisation

Closing date: 01 Nov 2010

Location: Nigeria - Abuja

Mission's Logistics is properly set-up and coordinated

To set up Mission's logistics systems according to ACF standards:

  • To implement Mission's logistics essential procedures

  • Organization and supervision of the supply chain ensuring timely and quality provision of supplies to the program and base

  • Implementation of standard procurement procedures

  • Set up and management of warehouse facilities in accordance project needs

  • Equipment assessment, planning, purchase, allocation and management as well as development of tools and procedures of equipment management as needed

  • Organization and supervision of the fleet and its management (rental contracts, movements follow up, report, log book maintenance) in accordance with Kit Log and security regulations

  • Organization and subsequent supervision of information management and means of communication ensuring adherence to security procedures

To recruit and manage logistic departments staff:

  • Recruitment, organization of the logistic department; forecast of the HR logistics needs and preparation of organizational chart updates (logistics department)

  • Capacity building and training of national logistics team, particularly on ACF and donors guidelines/procedures

  • Overall technical support and evaluation of national logistics staff

  • Briefing of all new expatriates (security + basic logistic)

To manage Mission's logistics properly and efficiently:

  • Specification and forecast of further logistics structures, systems, and needs for current and new projects

  • Planning and management of the logistic budget lines as well as cost analysis of logistics related expenses

  • Implementation and standardization of the logistic procedures and donor-specific regulations; development of additional procedures if required

  • Assessment of logistic needs, evaluation of the costs and feasibility for the supplies, draft of the procurement planning & logistic budget

  • Liaison with the HQ for all the logistics aspects

  • Opening field base in Yobe

To provide support to the Country Director (CD) and Field Co on security management:

  • Development/update and implementation of security-related systems and procedures on the mission under the supervision of the CD / Desk officer

  • Organization of training on security for expatriate and national staff in collaboration with CD

  • Involvement in crisis and incident management and reporting under the supervision of CD / desk officer

Mission's Finance department is properly set-up and coordinated (with the temporary support of Finance & HR Coordinator)

To set up and ensure proper financial management, in liaison with the Managing HQ and CD:

  • Collaborate intensively with all staff to ensure the most effective management of contracts

  • Collaborate intensively with all staff to efficiently forecast the budgetary needs of the mission

  • Producing monthly accounts using the accountancy program SAGA and methodology of Action Against Hunger USA

  • Controlling the expenses of the mission and strictly manage the funds of the mission's donor contracts

  • Provision of updates on rate of expenditure of budgets

  • Controlling bank transfers, money withdrawal, 'in country' cash management, currency exchanges, etc

  • Security of the money in the premises and during transfers into and within the country ensuring that a minimum of cash remains in the bases and the mission in general

  • Coordinate with all staff to establish budgets (and budget amendments if necessary) for new proposals thereby requiring superior knowledge of donor policy and guidelines

  • Producing quarterly and final financial reports for donors (and follow-up of Structure budget as necessary)

  • Ensuring the correct filing of invoices of the mission's accounts

  • Preparation of reports / information for Auditors (when necessary) and conduct internal audits of the mission itself

  • Communicate all expatriate advances to Headquarters and ensure that they have been properly encoded in the accountancy

  • Follow the mission's payables and receivables to certify that the organization remains up-to-date

  • Create and implement a mission financial plan

To set up and ensure proper administrative management, in liaison with Program Manager / Field Coordinator / Technical Coordinator / CD

  • Ensure adherence to the administrative and financial conditions of the Donor contracts

  • Remain up-to-date with any changes in donor requirements and to be the reference point for donor questions for the mission

  • Maintain relations (regarding administrative issues) with other NGOs / international organizations in country

  • Negotiation, drafting / checking, and signature, of contracts for renting / purchases / services

  • Contract management for all ongoing contracts

  • Registration of Organization - ensure adherence to ongoing requirements and procedures

Mission's HR department is properly set-up and coordinated (with the temporary support of Finance & HR Coordinator)

To set-up and ensure proper national HR management

  • Coordination and implementation of national human resources policy and procedures - to ensure fair, consistent and coherent decisions and actions regarding categories, salaries, promotions, trainings, evaluations and disciplinary sanctions

  • Payment of salaries, and taxes and social charges to the relevant authorities

  • Ensure staff files are complete and updated: vacation follow-up, contracts, salaries, warnings, evaluations, etc.

  • Producing all staff related documents: salary scale (to be updated every year with market surveys), internal regulations, evaluation forms, recruitment forms, etc.

  • Providing support and guidance to all managers in human resource management including, but not limited to, warnings, dismissals, recruitment, promotion, evaluation, resolution of conflicts, and the like

  • Labour legislation - ensure compliance with national legislation (employment contracts, internal regulations, records of employment taxes and contributions, etc.)

To set-up and ensure proper international HR management

  • Follow-up of expatriates' contracts: renewal, insurance cover, incoming / returning formalities

  • Produce monthly human resources package

  • Update of administrative documents: ensure all visas are current, registration at the embassies are submitted; update expatriate record sheets

  • Brief, and provide a continued point of reference, for expatriates on the administrative details of the mission and ACF

  • Supervise travel arrangements, payment of Per Diem, advances on indemnities, and break allowances

  • Responsible to manage medical evacuation (if necessary)

Education / specific degree / special skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of standard logistics procedures and practices

  • Minimum of one year of previous experience in Humanitarian/development

  • Strong management skills

  • High degree of maturity, flexibility and responsibility

  • Financial management experience

  • NGO safety and security management

  • Communication and coordination skills

How to apply

We accept candidates all the time. Please send your CV and cover letter on our website

Please note that in order to apply for this position at ACF Canada, you need to have a Canadian Citizenship or be a Permanent Resident of Canada. If you do not meet those requirements, please send your application to our other offices by visiting their website at: for France, for Spain, or for USA.

Reference Code: RW_8ACRWU-40

Dr Amos Adamu on a very hot seat, do you see smoke or fire?


 20th October Update :
Nigeria's Amos Adamu Suspended By FIFA Over $800,000 Bribe Scandal



The Global media is awash today with the story involving our very own Dr Amos Adamu member of world football governing body FIFA's executive committee, alleging he asked for approximately $800,000 which would help develop artificial football pitches in Nigeria (True story, im not kidding) as opposed to for personal enrichment. Well Adamu is currently claiming innocence and entrapment on the part of the british media. And Fifa has vowed to investigate thoroughly, All we can say here at is that the image of Nigeria has yet again suffered another setback on the global arena...

Dr Amos Adamu on a hot seat.

But for people who call us crazy, read one of our articles from 2005         You can then do your research on COJA, and If you need help determining smoke from fire read this other Link from SAHARA Reporters last year Or a complete analysis of Nigerian sports in the hands of Dr Amos Adamu culled from the NigerianVillagesquare.


As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire...


18th october update


Amos Adamu and Nigerian Sports


Dr Amos Adamu, and the current Director of Sports in the Federal Ministry of Sports is not a mere mortal, believe me. He is the Alpha and Omega of Nigerian Sports. He came in as Director of Sports Development over 20 years ago on the back of having a doctorate degree in Physical Education. And he has waxed ever stronger since then. He is a FIFA member, a member of CAF and now, after a brief hiccup, he is the President of the West African Football Union (WAFU), that body whose first President was the indomitable, incorruptible and excellent late Mr J K Tandoh. Dr Adamu is a far cry from the success, reputation, uprightness and commitment of such people as J K Tandoh and late Isaac Akioye. Adamu’s over twenty years at the helm of Nigerian sports has been a disaster. He has overseen the ruinous decline of sports in the country in the past two decades, yet some people up there still think he is the best and only man to run Nigerian sports. In fact he retired after COJA (the All African Games held in Abuja between 5th and 17th October 2003), and they practically had to go and beg him to come back again, because apparently to them he is the only man who can save Nigerian sports, and this after years of terrible decline supervised by the same man. I am not surprised, because he has managed to compromise a lot of them. All the Sports Ministers he has served under – or rather, all the Sports Ministers that have served under him – were no more than puppets. I heard that the moment a new Minister is appointed for sports; usually his first visitor will be our Amos, with “Ghana Must Go” bags to enable the Honourable Minister to “settle down in his new job”. We are not even sure if our Director of Sports does not have a hand in the appointment ensuring that a man he can manipulate is appointed in the first place. When he organised All African Games, COJA in 2003, the aftermath was littered with corruption and mismanagement. It was this massive evidence of corruption that made Obasanjo, never a great sports fan himself, decide to back out of Nigeria’s bid to host the first ever Soccer World Cup in Africa, and resulted in South Africa getting that honour. Obasanjo also quickly foresaw that the evidence of corruption will also implicate some members of his family. The EFCC, then under Nuhu Ribadu, wanted to pick him up, but there was so much pressure from high up, that he had to succumb. The reason is that if Dr Adamu was ever picked up, he would start singing and the songs will not be melodious to the ears of some very top politicians and officials who had been compromised in the award of bogus or highly inflated contracts for the Games. They therefore had to use a lot of muscle on Ribadu to drop the investigations. It was a mess, and they must not let the shit hit the fan. He has a very good team of loyal acolytes who report to him. For the past ten or fifteen years, these loyalists are always appointed into one important sports committee or the other. An example is the Nigeria Football Association, with Sani Lulu and Ojo-Oba as Chairman and Secretary respectively. The Board is also packed full of his loyalists. (Please note that the Nigeria Football Association still does not have an official website) These two goons have been Adamu’s men for years. They do his bidding and ensure that no other outsider ever gets in. More importantly, they report back to him. Their continued stay will always ensure that Nigerian football never progresses. He also has his goons in other sports areas. The first objective of the loyalists is to serve their master, and not Nigerian sports. Of course, these loyalists also serve their own pockets. They do not contribute, and never will contribute, anything towards resuscitating Nigeria's comatose and moribund sports. They lack the knowledge and the ability, the focus and the ideas, the commitment and sincerity of purpose, to meaningfully contribute anything towards developing our sports. They are simply “yes-men”, sycophants, and corrupt charlatans parading themselves as sports officials. They are men of straw, doomed to serve a lesser god and doomed to failure, to be consigned to the dustbin of history. They are looters in power, like their godfather. Well done, Adamu. You will leave us one day and go and finish your days as a “pastor” as you have said you desire. Maybe God will make you confess all your sins, and probably make you return all our money in your possession. It is not too late to repent. Their time will come – these looters in power, however, para-phrasing Noam Chomsky's thesis, the only opposition now to these perpetrations of crimes and sins on Nigerians should be a continuous PUBLIC OPINION/OUTCRY at every whiff of scandalous corruption. And perhaps the civil societies and labour must help too. Let the truth be said always.

Attention OSITADINMA BENJAMIN CHIDOKA - please deploy a permament unit to this round about

Every morning, I happen to drive into town from the direction of the games village in Abuja.

The chaos and disorganisation is simply embarrassing but more than anything else constant and Irritating.



You can bet your last Naira  that every morning from about 7am once the traffic starts to build up people will begin to divert from the proper lanes into the middle section of the expressway (Which is not a road) only to begin to make thier way back into traffick at the end of the road thereby causing havoc for everybody.


I believe this expressway is the Nnamdi Azikiwe Express , Many international schools are situated just off the express so you happen to see a lot of top Nigerian officials and foreign diplomats plying this route.


Unfortunately some even join in this act, Please, Please Nigeria @50 this is a simple way we can do the right thing especially in full glare of all kinds of people who simply look and think well "NIGERIA"


This is not acceptable and this is not normal , anywhere else the road safety corps would be out there controlling traffick ang issuing fines to anyone who violates the rule , believe me things will return to normal in no time.




Condolences to the officials who lost thier lives in an accident yesteday.



Consequent upon the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XV1’s successful Visit to the United Kingdom in September for four days, the Nigerian Chaplaincy in Dalston/Kingsland Area of North London, invited the Very Reverend Monsignor Fortunatus Nwachukwu as Chief Celebrant at a   Thanksgiving Mass to mark Nigeria’s Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Independence.
Monsignor Nwachukwu is the Chief Protocol Officer at the Vatican Secretariat in Rome. He was indeed, a Child of Independence as he was born in Ntigha, in the former Eastern Nigeria, in 1960, the year Nigeria attained its Independence from Britain. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1984.
The Gospel Reading at the Mass, the Twenty-Seventh Sunday of the Year, was taken from the Gospel of St. Luke, Chapter 17, verses 5-10 (“If Only You had Faith”).
In his Homily, Monsignor Nwachukwu described the celebration of a Jubilee, as an opportunity for renewal, adding that it was also a mark that God was ready to bless!
He went on to say that Nigerians had to be proud because they had been blessed as a country.
He pointed out that as people of the black race, the role of Nigerians in a historical perspective, had always been positive.
He expatiated on this by saying that Moses of the Burning Bush Fame, in the Holy Bible, had married a black woman adding that the Almighty God had punished Miriam and Aaron for opposing him (Moses) on account of his black wife.
He also pointed out that our Lord Jesus Christ had sought refuge in Africa, the Black Continent while fleeing from Herod as Moses had done in the Old Testament when he sought refuge in Egypt.
After studying Theology, Monsignor Nwachukwu had joined the Vatican Diplomatic Service and had served in some African countries.
During the Mass, forty members of the Chaplaincy’s Pastoral Council, led by Anthony Ogunseitan of Osun State in Nigeria, made their Inauguration Promise while the Executive Members had made their Solemn Declaration.

Members of the Congregation were decked in flowing Nigerian Costumes and most of the female members wore clothes depicting the country’s colours of green white green; even the priests wore white robes draped with green scapulars.

There were songs in  Hausa language,”Sai Kuzo”, ( You Should Come”), Ibo, “Otito Dili Chineke”,(Glory To God), Yoruba,”Adupe  Baba”, (Come, Lord Jesus) and Efik, “Enyen Eron”, (Kiss of Peace).

Monsignor Fortunatus Nwachukwu who speaks Ibo, English, Italian, German, Modern Hebrew, French, Spanish and Arabic, then launched a Book, “Stations of the Cross: A Diaspora Experience,” written by Father Innocent Ezeonyeasi, an Assistant Chaplain.

A native of Urualla, in Imo State, he had come from the Catholic Diocese of Orlu and had worked as a Parish Priest (School) and Chaplain to St. Camillius Chaplaincy, Imo State University, among other responsibilities, before coming to Britain.

In launching the booklet, the Very Reverend Monsignor Nwachukwu said that what Father Innocent had written “would challenge one”. He exhorted members of the Congregation to buy the booklet.
The Chaplain, Fr. Albert Ofere, had prayed that Nigeria might grow spiritually and materially and expressed the hope that the Sun of Justice would shine brightly on Nigeria so that it might achieve success.

Among those who attended the Mass were the Deputy High Commissioner at the High Commission of Nigeria, Ambassador Dozie Nwanna, OON,members of the Central Association of Nigeria in the United Kingdom,(CANUK) and several Nigerian and African prelates and religious orders in Britain.


By PHILLIP Ideh (Snr)