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Nigeria to list corrupt firms

NairacorruptNigeria is compiling a list of corrupt contractors it plans to sanction as part of its fight against graft and malpractice in Africa's most populous nation, an official statement said on Monday.

The move follows a decision by the federal executive council on October 12 to set up a committee on the classification and de-listing of government contractors involved in corrupt or fraudulent practices, the secretary to the federal government, Uffot Ekaette, said.

Mr Ekaette  I have a suggestion, start from the past COJA contractors (All African Games) I can give you good  pointers how much did the COJA website cost again?  and who was the contractor for that project (where is it today? ).

I bet if you started just with that organisation alone you will get a basic understanding  of  government contractors/officials involved in corrupt practices.

One COJA  official made the papers  recently for building the biggest house in his hometown  but then again when it comes to COJA you may want to clear that  with the EFCC first  you know ...
Investigateable Vs NonInvestigteable camps in Nigeria.

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