Nigerian interest in buying Newcastle United off Mike Ashley for £400million (updated)


What ever happens this is guaranteed to raise various kinds of debates/media buzz.

For a good idea of what some Newcastle supporters think about the Idea of being bought out by a Nigerian consortium  of business men read this

Media buzz read this.

Media Jokes:

From: Nigerian Consortium
Subject: Attention lucky winner
Date: Tues, 23 Sep 2008 9:00:00

Dear Mr Ashley. Greetings. Firstly, I must solicit your confidence in this transaction. Though I know that a transaction of this magnitude will make anyone apprehensive and worried, I assure you that all will be well at the end of the day.

Let me start by introducing myself to you. It may surprise you to receive this email from me, since there was no previous correspondence between us. I am the representative of a Nigerian Consortium. My purpose in contacting you is to help secure the football club you are in the process of running into the ground. My clients have £400m (or £480m, or £350m, depending on which paper you read) in an account at a Bank.

This Bank has issued me a notice to contact anyone in possession of a) a football club and b) a creeping sense of panic and desperation. Hence I am contacting you with regards to ensuring a happy and amenable swap. Just send us your bank details and football club and we will deposit £400m (or £480m, or £350m, depending on etc and so on) into your account. In return, you must give up this ridiculous notion of hiring Kenny Dalglish, Terry Venables or David O'Leary and, instead, give Newcastle hero Kevin Keegan his job back. We have a further £75m to deposit in his account so he can blow it on tat like he did at Manchester City. Oh, and he has to sign Yakubu, 'cos he's Nigerian.

If you wish to achieve this goal with me, kindly get back to me on my private email address:


Nigerian Consortium

Nigeria's Bid is for real

Personally I just see different angles to this story...

If Newcastle owner Mike Ashley last week said he wanted to end his involvement with the soccer club, following hostility from fans. (bear in mind Oyibo fans ooh!)

What will happen when the club is now taken over by this consortium of Nigerian business men and the fans are pissed off.  (banana peels,  come to mind)

Lets be real in 2008 anyone can own a club if they really wanted to, everyday people who love football  recently put less than $80 together and bought this club .

One Nigerian business man Aliko Dangote   if he wanted could buy the club and even invest in it if it was that  much of a good deal. (and there exists a few more after-all this is a country with 170 million people)

Why all this fuss ? Nigerians specialise in buying anyway.

The headline news  for me would have been Nigerians put together a team of A list footballers in Peckham  invested $500 million and now it is a premier league club.

Or even better Nigerian business men put together $250 million in Nigeria  and now created the best team in the world. we have players in every significant football legue in this world so how far fetched is it to own  shares in a club.

The Arab guys who own clubs in England, sell oil like we do but don't have international players like we do so whats the big fuss?

I think the Idea is alright, unless there is  a PR stunt somewhere in the mix.
Because in  the world of big business especially in Nigeria, the guy who comes to the table and says I have $700 million but need $100 million most definitely has the $100 million outside in the trunk. And In almost  every  case the deal is struck before the anoucement is made.

So if this is the true position that extra money will be raised easily.

If its up for sale anyone can buy.  check out French firm EDF clinches British Energy

Read the original story about New castle's sale below

Chris Nathaniel, the man who unleashed Rio’s World Cup Wind-Ups on an unsuspecting nation, has emphasised that his  fronting of an unlikely £400 million bid to buy Newcastle United is not a vehicle for his latest foray into football’s version of candid camera.
This Bid is being organised via  NVA and Chris Nathaniel if successful it would be the first premier league owned by Africans...

Chris Nathaniel founded the group in 2005, specialising in Music, Sport, Sport Management, TV etc etc - so it would seem that handling the potential purchase of NUFC is a huge project for him and an ambition to have the first African owned Premier League club.

NVA operate out of the UK, so will be dealing with Seymour Pierce.

NVA are widely known in the music industry for championing people such as Dizzy Rascal. In footballing terms, they were also responsible for Andy Cole and Sam Sodje, organising there transfers to and from clubs since 05.

Makes you wonder..

Could be the next greatest wind up or not.

All eyes are on this one as the usual media outlets are preparing for a grand piss take as is customary, anything other outcome would be a little difficult to digest after all it is a easier to take cheap shots at Africa in general so watch this one plays out closely.

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