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What is agṓn ? NOV 15TH Planet futsal #Abuja #Social #Life


Simply - it's Greek for Contest or Struggle, depending on context. 
More extensively, it's our idea of fun-Soccer meets Abuja Social life. A mini 5-a-side league set for the duration of a day, consisting of both male ‎& female teams, cheered by fans, friends and supporters. All this while providing the perfect environment for people to both network & fraternize. Teams for both sexes are organised prior to the event and the competition in itself is in no way near pro and open to any and everyone as far as they grab the limited available teams before commencement of the championship on the 15th of November. 
We as organisers owe it to potential participants and attendees  to provide a proper platform for fun seeking  Abuja residents to experience something never before attempted in their city. It will also be a great opportunity for vendors/caterers/bakers within the city to partner with us. Sponsors will also be able to directly reach their target market.
The first of what we hope will be many, agṓn is sure to be a fast moving train and you're encouraged to jump on board. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this. For further enquires, if you're interested in either playing or acquiring one of the stands, you may contact  08035574165