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Abuja to play host to international decision makers in the defence, anti-terrorism and security industry

The Nigeria Counter Terror Symposium is to be officially opened by Her Excellency Erelu Olusola Obada, the Honourable Minister of State for Defence.



August 28, 2012 — As Nigeria’s defence expenditure expands to meet the growing terror threat, estimated to be US$2.1 billion this year and expected to grow at 22% a year to reach US$4.76 billion by 2016, the Nigeria Counter Terror Symposium in Abuja, 20-22 November 2012 is set to bring together senior decision makers from the Nigerian Ministry of Defence and international government, military, police and industry representatives.

The Nigeria Counter Terror Symposium, to be officially opened by Her Excellency Erelu Olusola Obada, the Honourable Minister of State for Defence, will provide a forum to discuss Nigeria’s growing anti-terrorist challenges, force development strategies, national JV and PPP opportunities, as well as assessing a range of solutions available from leading international and indigenous security providers.

International speakers already confirmed include: 
• Ambassador Francisco Caetano Jose Madeira, Head of Counter‐Terrorism Cooperation of the African Union, Director of the African Centre for the Study & Research on Terrorism 
• His Excellency Simon Mulongo, Vice Chairperson, Committee on Defence & Internal Affairs, Parliament of Uganda 
• Laurent Panza Elumba, Deputy Director, DRC National Counter Terrorism Committee 
• Martin A. Ewi, Senior Researcher, Institute for Security Studies

According to Duraid Jalili, Head of Defence from the World Defence Group, “by engaging with a range of urgent discussions, from developing C4ISR architectures and information sharing, to training practices and trade requirements, this strategic gathering provides a unique opportunity to strengthen inter-agency cooperation and create new trade partnerships with the Nigerian security forces.” He also adds “with the new national security strategy and stronger focus on internal security operations against rebel groups in the Niger Delta and the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram, Nigeria is the most active it has ever been in modernising its capabilities to meet this threat, and engaging with internationals to strengthen collaboration with security allies and international industry providers.”

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