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Nkoyo Restaurant - 1 Bathurst St, off Aminu Kano crescent, Wuse 2 , Abuja. Tel 07098209204, 07098813704


A place to meet & dine, uniquely Nigerian, very International.

Style: International/Nigerian


Nkoyo offers an array of contemporary Nigerian and Western dishes that emphasise fresh ingredients and uncluttered presentation. Pounded yam and egusi, jollof / fried rice or fish pepper soup are authentically Nigerian, but its freshness makes for a special treat. Nkoyo also serves exotic grills from other parts of the world.

Nkoyo takes great pride in serving exquisite cuisine using the finest ingredients and culinary techniques. The grill offers different cuts of meat, fish and seafood with a combination of flavours - from lemon and herb to tamarind and spicy. The roasted peppers, buffalo mozzarella and rocket salad will delight any vegetarian.

Many of the thoughtfully prepared meals come with lovely fresh greens, beans, cucumbers, olives and salsas with a touch of olive oil.



There is a fully stocked bar, and for your meals, a selection of imported fine wines to choose from.








On the top floor of K-City Plaza serviced shops, Nkoyo adopts the cosmopolitan image of the host building but with its nature-inspired  interiors oozing  an ambiance of a  safari lodge with gentle background music.

 The Kitchen

All the staff are very experienced, with many formerly working in Abuja's 5 star hotels.

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The experienced hands-on style of the directors, Hassan Nurieni and  Maryann  Ndumele makes your time at Nkoyo a truly pleasurable and memorable one.


K-City Plaza Wuse 2



Fake Bomb detectors spotted in Abuja

On a trip to Transcorp Hilton Abuja  recently , I noticed the frustrating long queues of vehicls being searched at the gate had dissappeared. There was now a dedicated entry lane demacated with those concrete blocks, there was still the prescence of heavily armed soldiers but the cars were moving in and out freely and the traffic flowed. I thought this is great, these people must be doing something right, and then it happened...

I spotted the miraculous bomb detecting device with an aerial, the magic wand, the solution to the torture we had  endured in the past, all in the name of security.



In many establishments these days there is an increase in the use of these devices but the question you should ask yourself is this ... what exactly does this device detect?



Popularly known as the ADE 651 or you can find various other models out there e.g GT200 or Alpha 6 all these devices have one thing in common, absolute rubbish.

They dont work , and this has been one of the greatest scam devices on the market since the begining of the war on terror.

(Reuters) - Iraqi authorities have arrested a high-ranking police official in connection with the purchase of a bomb detector that the British government says does not work,


Used in places like Iraq, Afganistan and Pakistan some years ago, there was an investigation by BBC news night into the use of these so called bomb detectors.

In the end , the UK government banned the export of these gadgets and the company was charged with fraud.

No western country uses these device because quite simply they do not work.

So in 2012 these things are begining to appear in Abuja.

As long as no one has a multi billion naira contract to supply these gadgets in Nigeria, I  believe we can put up with seeing these things in some places, the word deterant comes to mind.


And for those people who feel safer seeing these devises around please accept my apology, for bursting your bubble.


The best bomb detecting system in the world still remains mans best friend and if you doubt me , ask the US military




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