Oceans 11 seafood restaurant now open in Abuja, call 07057725555
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Circles garden Abuja, the outdoor recreational spot . call 08023060233 or 08050423321 email: circlesgarden@rocketmail.com

 Circle's garden by general hospital, opp fresh party office Maitama Abuja.


One of the best gardens situated in the Maitama district of Abuja is called Circles garden.


Situated on Aguyi Ironsi  near  the Maitama general hospital.


people from all walks of life patronise Circles Garden where relaxation is at its best in a serene and secured environment. 


Circles Garden also specialises in outdoor catering and event management


You will always find an array of local dishes, grilled fish, chicken and beef on offer. Fish dishes including the popular "point and kill" fish pepper soup are readily available.




 The walk ways are pleasantly lit up.



It has a nice secure environment

And a good  collection of  beverages  to choose from including coffee.

 Visit Circles Garden Maitama Abuja and have a memorable treat.