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Parts of our beautiful city views in  Abuja are being destroyed lately by the invasion of  Giant  Billboards.


About a decade ago we launched one of the biggest outdoor campaigns in Abuja which was the famous sign on the hill next to city gate, inspired by the original Hollywood sign on the hill.

Almost a  decade on, we are pleased to point out that the Nigeria at 50 sign on Aso rock is yet another take on this concept. Imitation they say is the best form of flattery.



IMG00284-20110605-1150 (2)


The issue today is different; our city views are under threat today by people constructing all kinds of giant billboards.

  IMG00274-20110605-1138 (2)




The word giant is used here because it seems these billboards are simply being built to dwarf previous attempts at outdoor advertising. IMG00279-20110605-1142 (2)




There’s obviously more corporate investment in this sector , You can tell by the kind of infrastructure in place  and the round the clock manpower being deployed. 



But in all honesty it’s time to call this to question.

IMG00277-20110605-1140 (2)

After the recent inauguration, we had an international  film crew in town, assisting in producing a movie to highlight attractions within our beautiful city.

IMG00268-20110602-1828 (2)

It was sad to note that at various intervals our filming seemed to be interrupted by one of these giant billboards occupying the Abuja Skyline. Trying to film various city attractions became a tricky exercise.

IMG00266-20110602-1827 (2)


What can be done about all this? Who is paying attention?

If you need help putting up cutting edge billboards please contact us, at least we'll try to be creative and original  after more than a decade in this industry , we can authoritatively say , It is not the size that matters , it is how well you can do what you do, when you do what you do. - Right Click!

Images sent from Kaduna Nigeria, aftermath of political violence following President Goodluck Jonathan winning the presidential elections in Nigeria.

After achieving one of the most succesful and peaceful elections in Nigeria, these are the images now being broadcast globally.

Protest in the North lead to killing of innocent citizens of Nigeria.

The leader of the Opposition party CPC Muhammadu Buhari has already disassociated himself from the violence

“I must say that this is a dastardly act not initiated by any of our supporters and therefore cannot be supported by our party,” he said. “To disassociate myself and the Congress for Progressive Change from any such act, I must emphasize that this is purely a political matter, and it should not in any way be turned into an ethnic, religious or regional one,” he said.- Buhari.


These are some recent images from Kaduna:







Thanks Ibukun!


Voting has commenced, Nigeria Decides

The voting has commenced succesfully at  this unit, loads of international observers and lots of dignitaries at this polling station, Hopefully,  the observers are spread out like this  across the country in rural areas also because we need this to work.


Inec officials proving to the public the ballot boxes are empty before commencing with the voting.


Former FCT minister Nasir El-Rufai in the line waiting to exercise his franchise.


International observers on the scene from National Democratic Institute USA (NDI)


Abujacity.com_Back_of line

The system of having men and women line up differently meant there was a shorter line for women but all the same a reasonable turnout altogether. Nigeria decides.


Just completed the Accreditation process PU:37/06/04/028 Abuja

The Accreditation process is a manual verification at your PU checking your Voters card against the printout of registered voters in that same unit.


One problem i see here is many people registered wherever they could at the time e.g place of work , home town etc

If there is restricted movement many of these people will be unable to vote unless there is a way of rectifying this situation.


Despite the early turn out of voters and all the security personnel attached to this polling unit, there was an absence this morning of INEC officials at the official start time of 8.00am for at least 2 hours we waited therby making it impossible to complete the accreditation within the time frame prescribed.

We witnessed NTA reporters on ground and various observers taking note of the situation.