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The Core of Who Am I by Goodluck Jonathan



The Core of Who Am I


As I go about Nigeria campaigning, I am telling Nigerians my detailed plans for Nigeria. However, today I want to talk to you about the core of why I am in public service.


Public office to me is not a means to adding value to the holder of the office. Publc office is the vehicle through which social harmony, happiness and inspirational communal existence is promoted and enhanced. I personally  do not believe that you become a 'big man' by simply holding a public office. No! People with that type of mentality are only borrowing moral authority from the office they occupy and as soon as they leave that office that authority leaves them.


I believe that public office is a pedestal for you to use your strength of character to add value to the office by serving the people you are meant to serve and giving glory to our Creator.


Some people accuse me of being humble to the point of servility. They do not understand that the whole purpose of public office is to serve. This is why our late great leader, Umaru Musa Yar'adua said that we were servant leaders. We have not come to demand service from Nigeria but to give service.


This is the principal reason why I opened this page to communicate with Nigerians. I am acutely aware that I do not hold this position of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the wishes of any power other than the freely given mandate of the Nigerian people and the grace of God. And that is why I communicate with you because next to the Almighty God, the Nigerian people are my power source and just as an electrical appliance will not work when not connected to it's power source so also can I not work effectively if I am not connected with you the good people of Nigeria.


And while there are politicians who have substantial commitment to Nigeria and others who may have partial commitment to Nigeria, my commitment to Nigeria is total and there is evidence to back it up.


It is believed that a man's greatest treasures are his children and immediate family and the proverb goes that where a man's treasures are there his heart also will be. All my children, every last one of them school in Nigeria and of course my wife and I are fully on the ground. Some might describe other treasures a man has as his real estate property. And again every property I have in life is in Nigeria. Some might consider money as another treasure and again all my accounts every last one of them is domiciled in Nigeria. In everything I do I make a conscious decision to put Nigeria first whether it is in my dressing or the food I eat, or even the music I listen to. I am totally sold out on Nigeria.


What does this tell you? My commitment to Nigeria is not partial, neither is it substantial, but it is total. You can trust me to take good decisions on behalf of Nigeria because I am a stakeholder whose progress is tied to the progress of Nigeria.


This is the core of who Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is. I have made myself an open book, completely transparent to Nigerians because I want to earn your trust. I do not want to demand trust, but I want to inspire it by the way I live my life and with your help and God's favour I shall continue to do this. GEJ