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Cognac in Abuja N2million , relevant information for Abuja City, priceless. There is some Shakara that money can buy you , but for EFFIZY...

At the piano lounge in Transcorp Hilton Abuja, you could order  a bottle of hennessy ellipse for N2 Million .


“Ellipse is cognac  created by blending the most exceptional "eaux de vie" created by seven generations of master blenders. Its bouquet has hints of candied fruits, wild roses and an earthy aroma.Presented in an elliptical Baccarat crystal decanter”

It is top of the range when it comes to cognac.




But if you wanted to find out the only seafood restaurant in Abuja that is open 24 hours and does home delivery Nko?              



There is some Shakara that money can buy you , but for EFFIZY,


Dbanj ft. Snoop Dogg - Mr Endowed (Remix) truly Endowed

Personally happy for the step in a progressive direction for the general Naija music scene. I think it is catchy, creative and somewhat racey , not too sure about the message in the video But i totally believe snoop could handle Fuji dance steps if he had to.... For that reason, he deserves the passport completely. Congratulations to Dbanj , you are truly Endowed.

Overland Driving across Africa - Vanessa Goggin arrives in Abuja


Vanessa Goggin , an American Lady who has been driving overland across Africa  arrived in Abuja this weekend. She had begun her journey from Europe with a friend crossing through Gibraltar into Morocco and then sub Saharan Africa.

In her latest stretch, she has driven alone from Senegal to Burkina faso and Benin before finally arriving in Nigeria via Nikki Border post .

I had the pleasure of chatting extensively with Vanessa about her experience so far, we did a little tour of Abuja Visiting Usuma dam etc just for a change of scenery for someone who has been on the road all this time. Abujacity.com_overlander0

Eventually when it was time to leave, we had a little adventure trying to find diesel in Abuja as all the stations had run completely dry.

We eventually found some at Conoil NNPC HQ , qued up for 2 hours while  Vanessa  witnessed some Nigerian magic at the pumps .


We joked about the fact she had driven  this distance and not once experienced a shortage of diesel especially the irony of being  in a giant oil producing nation.

Eventually we did manage to fill up and once again Vanessa continues on her Journey through Africa, next step ?  who knows but ultimately  Kinshasa.




By Phillip Ideh (jnr) email :pideh (at)