Nigerians in Libya, have evacuations commenced ? please confirm
Goodluck Jonathan on the evacuation of Nigerians in Libya via FB (Updated 27th feb)

Did you Know , 2 years ago many illegal immigrants from Nigeria were being executed in Libya?

Recent reports on the situation in Libya rekindled an issue which I believe still exists and should be addressed  ASAP by the relevant authorities considering the current political climate in Libya.


About 2 years ago some reports were circulated in the Nigerian media but i believe not internationally so somewhere down the line it was difficult to verify.


The reports were claiming 220 Nigerians were to be executed and mostly for immigration offences it sounded ludicris then but anyone with good knowledge of this region knew to pay careful attention.

On one particular facebook discussion thread , this issue was debated back and forth with no concrete conclusion.

The plight of one  Benedict Ukoma Jude sounded very disturbing. (wonder where he is...)

It was gathered that the arrested Nigerians were kept separately from other nationals from Ghana, Niger, Cameroun ,Algeria and Mali just as the Nigerians were being dehumanized before their alleged execution. An official of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja however told our correspondent that Nigerian government was not aware of such development.Benedict Ukoma Jude who spoke to New Nigerian from his prison cell in Libya yesterday said most Nigerian illegal immigrants were arrested in the desert while trying to cross to Europe.

Benedict, who also denied being involved in any criminal activity in Libya said, the illegal aliens were arraigned before a court after the arrest, adding that the charges against them were read to them in the language they could not understand while the judicial officers feighned not to understand English.

He alleged that the Libyan authorities have been killing illegal aliens in batches since last week, stressing that the remaining prisoners would be executed tomorrow as over 10 Nigerians were among those executed yesterday.



The next  news about any such executions emanating from Libya came last year from Amnesty International highlighting executions taking place in Libya.

Fast Forward 2011 we now see how easily the Ghadaffi regime is prepared to murder innocent Libyans on account of a freedom they trully deserve.


Lets hope for a rapid resolution to this conflict and the appropriate authorities in Nigeria should revisit the matter.


Who Knows what ever became of the panel setup to investigate the matter.


But on this occasion It is of utmost importance for the current government to take immediate action, members of the current opposition voicing thier opinions on this matter are very credible and do seem to be concerned beyond everyday politics.


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