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All witches and wizards in Abuja , beware! Helen Ukpabio & Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries are here to sort you out.


Helen Ukpabio  and her crew  at Liberty foundation gospel ministries are scheduled to be in Abuja this week, catching wizards & witches  especially the ones in smaller children.

For anyone not familiar with the issues , CNN recently ran a report on Children abused and killed as witches in Nigeria

Very swiftly, one of our more pro-active governors, Gov. Godswill Akpabio  the governor of one of the states where some of the abuses were purported to have taken place responded by saying the story had been exaggerated.


But the truth be known, this is very unjust and a lot of innocent children are affected by what people like Helen and Liberty foundation ministry are doing.

If Helen is serious, there are many other places to chase out demons in Abuja, and believe me Nigeria will save million$ of petrol dollars from that exercise.

Stop spoiling our Nigeria @ 50 re brand exercise...

Everything possible should be done to monitor and stop the activities of these so called witch hunters.

Lunatics exist everywhere, ever hear the one about the pastor with  a congregation of 50 ( including staff )

somewhere in Florida USA?

Thanks to Leo Igwe from www.culturekitchen.com for the heads up on that story