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Visible from space, deadly on Earth: the gas flares of Nigeria - By Daniel Howden

Just read this interesting but also sad article in the Idependent about the current situation with gas flaring in the Delta region.

On my last trip to the Delta region I remember staring at the continuous gas flares and wondering when all this would stop or at least be disposed of more efficiently.

Some things just make you wonder, this unnecessary wastage  if handled more efficiently would have added Billions $ to our foreign reserves this could be used for development in all kinds of sectors benefiting millions of people but instead, just  left to waste.

Why do we let this happen? Why does the whole world stand by and do nothing...


Shell's Opolo-Epie facility is the newest gas flare in the Niger Delta. And it gives the lie to claims from oil multinationals and the Nigerian government that they are close to bringing an end to the destructive and wasteful practice of gas flaring.

"This is environmental racism," said Alagoa Morris, an investigator with a local group, Environmental Rights Action, who regularly risks arrest to monitor activities at the heavily guarded oil and gas installations.

The gas flares, some of which have been burning constantly since the 1960s, are visible from space. In a country where more than 60 per cent of the people have no reliable electricity supply, the satellite images

show the flares burning more brightly than the lights of Nigeria's biggest city, Lagos.

What is going on in the Niger Delta is a "continuing economic, political and environmental disaster", according to Chris Cragg, an independent oil and gas expert who regularly visits the area. "It is one of the largest single pointless emissions of greenhouse gas on the planet, with obvious implications for climate change that will not only affect Nigeria, but also the rest of the world."

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