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Commentary-Time for a New Nigerian President

Foreign Policy

Like many others , I've tried to keep myself informed of our current political situation in Nigeria. The whole thing is alarming to say the least.

Most of the articles and stories I've read on this issue, have either amused ,annoyed or confused me altogether.


I just stumbled on an article by  Nasir  El-Rufai,  in which not only explains our current situation in his opinion but also provides clear decisive actions we should be taking and a reminder to the International community

"The international community must respond to what Nigeria could be -- and not remain captive to memories of its recent past."

"What's needed now is a clean sweep of the administration to remove potential troublemakers, which Jonathan has begun with his cabinet shuffle."

In my opinion ,this is what true leadership should be about , the man clearly identifies the problem and puts forward a solution at least - unlike many others.

I've said it before and I'll say it again when he was a Minister, listening to him always gave me hope for our country.

Please read the article here and decide for yourself . - The Right Click