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INEC NIGERIA - Please adopt a leadership style that focuses on delivering VALUE


After much anticipation, I read in disbelief the announcement by INEC about the proposed election dates.

Not sticking to one election date seemed like asking for trouble,(regardless of the reasons given)

How do the political party strategist make their plans if the supposed election dates are not even certain.

I sat wondering how and why we should accept this kind of announcement from INEC.


Would the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof Maurice Iwu and members of his staff be comfortable with their salaries being paid sometime in the 3rd week of every month but then depending on the current barrel price of oil be shifted  so they get paid on the last day of each month ?

Today, I feel a little better about this situation, I get the feeling incompetence is slowly creeping out of INEC, there is talk of possible change , for more credible candidates to lead this sensitive organization and also some rumors of introducing new laws which will allow people in the diaspora (and we have a lot : - ))

to vote, wow 2010! we have come a long way.

I just pray who ever is selected for this post, delivers true value to the people of Nigeria.


Why INEC Released Time-Table --Iwu

Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Maurice Iwu yesterday said the recent release of the provisional time tables for the 2011was in line with arrangements for early preparations for the exercise contrary to speculations in certain quarters that is was for some ulterior motives.

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