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Phoebe One-U.K. Female HipHop Star and Pioneer to Visit Nigeria on IND's Tour

U.K Female Hip-hop star and one time Mobo award winner for best hip-hop act, Dj and Presenter for Choice FM 96.9/101.1 London will be joining De Indispensables on a 5 state tour in Nigeria. The two acts who also have a song together on De Indispensables debut Press On LP titled Am Sorry Remix will be shooting a video for the track which is one of the killer cuts on the album. The song which was made across boundaries without the 2 acts meeting will finally have a video bringing them together.

Phoebe one will be arriving Nigeria some time in May to unite with the boys for the first time, go on tour as well as cut a video. The video is set to be shot in 3 different cities in Nigeria and one city in the United Kingdom which are Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt and London respectively. De Indispensables are due to perform in London from June 2006, shoot part of the video as well as promote their United Kingdom release which has been moved to August 2006.

Grafton Records have promised a good video and intend to use the best video crews both from Nigeria and the United Kingdom in other to give the video a Universal appeal but still sticking to its African roots.

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The Blatant assasination attempts on Rev Ali Buba Lamido

When will people begin to understand that killing a fellow human being is not the answer to our current religious/political / economic woes.

They were reports again recently that the Rt. Anglican bishops house in Wusasa
was attacked for the 4th time.

This time around a guest was killed and a staff member injured.


Rev Ali Buba Lamido is an outspoken Christian who hails from the northern part of Nigeria which is predominantly Muslim.

(The attack was more of an assassination attempt than mere robbery)

The total disregard for human life is something that continues to amaze me, how are we ever going to get people to start thinking of more effective ways of resolving their differences.

JPMORGAN CHASE Custodian of Nigeria's $35 Billion


Abuja - Nigeria on Sunday announced the
appointment of global investment bank JP Morgan Chase as the
custodian of the nation's foreign reserves, which currently
stands at $35bn.

I was quite impressed reading this , Nigeria's $35 billion foreign reserve mostly from profits
due to the hike in oil prices..

To put this into some kind of perspective, the state of California in the US has an annual budget of about $100 billion , I wonder which Investment Bank manages their funds.

Appointing a global investment Bank to manage "our funds" seems like a good idea especially if those conditions set by Minister Soludo are adhered to.

I think I will sleep better at night knowing that the folks at JPMorgan Chase are prepared to partner with Nigerian Banks, Invest in Nigeria and besides the commission they receive from managing our funds
find it somewhere in their hearts, to " develop a liking for us "

This is progress compared to the custodians of the past who prefer ed personal foreign bank accounts , Never Invested in Nigeria and above all hated Nigeria and Nigerians.

at least steps are being taken in the right direction

President Hu ? In Abuja.


Chinese President Hu Jintao, is expected in Abuja in a couple of days. (26th April 2006)

According to the IMF, the African continent should experience growth of 5.8% this year,
the highest for 30 years. In part this will be mainly due to China.

In Nigeria, China has become the 2nd biggest foreign investor even surpassing  direct Investment from  the UK.

The Chinese invest in our oil industry and lately everything else , In some camps, the Chinese are accused of flooding our markets with cheap inferior products while others welcome the Idea as an alternative to dealing with the West .I also read somewhere about a program to start teaching Nigerian government officials the Chinese language.

So  is it time to include  Mandarin in our School curriculum ?

The Chinese Invasion in Nigeria , threat ? or Opportunity !