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Gbenga Obasanjo Interview -- N200 Million Lawsuits are Flying

Following the recent controversial Gbenga obasanjo Interview , the Abuja Courts are now awash with lawsuits .

The banker, Jimi Adebisi Lawal, in a suit filed, last week, at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in the Abuja Judicial Division, is claiming N200 million, jointly from Gbenga, The News Magazine, its reporter, Mr. Omoyele Sowore and the Daily Trust Newspapers, as damages.

Im trying to picture Daily Trust Paying N200 million to someone in damages....

Naaah ! Possibly an exercise in saving face.

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POLIO- A Crippled Nigeria

Isa Abdullahi, who was crippled by polio at the age of six, lends a foot to help kick polio out of Nigeria, urging all parents to immunise their children during Nigeria's National Immunisation Days.


His friends call him "lion heart" and this nickname is by all means justified. Since the age of six, Isa has been a fighter against all possible odds. But after spending a bit of time with Isa, you quickly see his strong determination and personal will. Although both his legs were severely paralysed with polio, he did what others thought impossible. Within months, Isa was walking again, he put himself back in school, and has been coaching several local football teams since the age of 11. Today Isa doesn't see himself as handicapped and does everything with confidence and courage.

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What is Polio?

Poliomyelitis (polio) is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus. It invades the nervous system, and can cause total paralysis in a matter of hours. It can strike at any age, but affects mainly children under three (over 50% of all cases). The virus enters the body through the mouth and multiplies in the intestine. Initial symptoms are fever, fatigue, headache, vomiting, stiffness in the neck and pain in the limbs. One in 200 infections leads to irreversible paralysis (usually in the legs). Amongst those paralysed, 5%-10% die when their breathing muscles become immobilised. Although polio paralysis is the most visible sign of polio infection, fewer than 1% of polio infections ever result in paralysis. Polio virus can spread widely before cases of paralysis are seen. As most people infected with polio virus have no signs of illness, they are never aware they have been infected. After initial infection with polio virus, the virus is shed intermittently in faeces (excrement) for several weeks. During that time, polio can spread rapidly through the community.

Polio has almost been eradicated around the world strong Immunisation campaigns mounted in the last 30 years plus more enlightenment about the disease has helped to to almost eliminate it completely.

In Nigeria, this is not the case, a recent survey published by The global Polio eradication initiative Nigeria ranks 1#
Top of the list of countries still exporting the disease to other parts of the world.

The Northern part of the country is especially ravaged by this disease. Ignorance corruption and plain suspicion of the
motives of International organisation from local leaders have seriously hindered any progress at eradicating this disease completely.

Wouldn't this be a good occasion for the federal government to enact swift laws encouraging Immunisation , Increasing polio education and severely punishing any body
who hinders the work of the NGO's working hard to eradicate this in the country?

I believe Polio is more of a threat right now than other Non issues currently being addressed by the government.

Tackling the Delta Hostage Crises

President Obasanjo described the present situation in the Delta region
as a problem of two kinds


1) The Kidnapping of four foreign oil workers in the delta region
2) An Issue of Criminality

Addressing the media in Davos, Switzerland Obasanjo re-assured the media that the federal government was taking the necessary steps to resolve the current Kidnapping.

This everlasting crises in the delta region ?
Isn't it time we find a real lasting solution to the problem. ?

(Bear in mind Chaos is always profitable for someone- current oil prices $69 a barrel)

Sending troops in/ Pulling out oil workers etc has been the approach for as long as I can remember clearly this method does not work .

(You cannot do the same things over and over and expect a different outcome)

Anyone  who lives in these regions know the routine very well and have started fleeing the area before the wrath of the army is unleashed (Im sure the militants know this also)

Surely it must be time for all parties involved to come up with new ideas for addressing the complex underlying issues of  poverty, deprivation , injustice , corruption, pollution  and  COMPLETE  absence of any meaningful infrastructure in a region responsible for providing 95%  of the countries oil wealth.

PerCeption V Reality from MTV to NTV

DmxAbout 2 years ago there was a Big hiphop event held in Abuja , I believe DMX and Ashanti were performing at the recently finished Abuja stadium .

Unlike many events it was better publicised on the radio so come the day of the concert Abuja stadium was packed with hip hop fans, young and old rich and poor.

US based hip hop artists are always amazed at the number of fans they have in Nigeria  when ever they come to perform here ---( One of the outcomes of PIRACY)

How come I never see any sales from Nigeria ? they always ask.

Anyway  DMX came up on stage and the whole crowd surged forward towards the stage.
chanting and singing along to one of his popular anthems at the time.

There were also alot of  "Area Boys "  (locals from Abuja's surrounding Shanty towns)
and soon it was becoming a very volatile situation  the crowds were pushing forward and the Nigerian Police force, present at the time, started to move into crowd control faze "Nigerian style"

Whipping the crowd with "KOBOKO " or Bulala  (local whips made out of dried animal skin) pushing people back

about 20 officers descended on some fans near the front of the stage and started whipping  these fans  mercilessly .

It looked like a scene from the apartheid era in South Africa or America during the  race riots in the 60's.

DMX was appalled ! (Urban Hiphop rebel had Just witnessed Black on Black violence Nigerian Police style) we could all see it in the brothers face but then he did something that impressed me to this day , He shouted stop! stop! to the police , threw the Mic into the crowd and refused to sing again until the police stopped brutalising people in the name of crowd control.

20 Min's later the crowd had moved back police stopped the brutality and the Microphone had been stolen by one of the area boys in the crowd, they found a replacement mic and the concert continued, everyone had a great time.

Now I believe DMX had a certain perception of Nigeria in his mind when he was coming here but nothing prepared him for the on the ground reality. His perception was probably formed by watching CNN reading about africa etc.

In the same way I marvel at what has happened to the youth in Nigeria today , In my part of the country  channel 'O" /MTV Africa  and GSM have taken over

Kids used to wear all kinds of Beautiful local prints in their clothes today everyone wears baggy/Sexy jeans  and trainers  just like in Channel  "0"

They want to drive Hummers and they talk like the people on  MTV rap .


I always Joke with my friends how in parts of Nigeria they sell Hummer and Escalade by the roadside
gathering dust like everything else. ( you never find a repair shop but they sell it )

You see when things got so bad in the past the kids had nothing else to look at but the luxury portrayed on TV .

It was very easy because in reality , all around were images of  poverty and gnashing of teeth.

We should somehow start to teach the younger generations the difference between those fabricated realities portrayed on TV  and Reality .

Improve and make people proud again of what made us unique maybe we can start with NTA.

Agip Nigeria Staff Back In Port Harcourt

AgipnigeriaAgip staff in Nigeria have returned back to work a day after  a vicious
Armed robbery attack which killed 9 people .

Around 20 gunmen invaded the premises Tuesday afternoon, killing nine people including policemen, a security official and an Agip employee. Eyewitnesses said the attackers wore military dress and had sophisticated weapons.

Agip evacuated its Port Harcourt staff Tuesday after the attack.

Although the gunmen also looted large amounts of cash during the attacks.

A Nigerian oil union leader said Wednesday the attack appears to be a robbery "and should not be seen as another attack on the oil industry."

Jolly Cole and Joshua Dariye what is the point?

Part of the  investigation of  Plateau state Governor  Joshua Dariye
Included  the testimony of  Ibrahim Lamorde
who stated that

Dariye_2 the Governor  used one Emma Orji, a Nigerian resident in London to launder money. Dariye is said to have deposited large sums of money in Barclays bank accounts through Orji.

Another player in this  scheme is Jolly Cole, to whom he made available the sum of one hundred and eighteen million naira (N118,000,000.00) for the procurement of foreign exchange. About the same time the Governor made these funds available, he bought a property in Abuja for the sum of twenty-nine million naira (N29,000,000.00).

Jolly Cole the son of  former Ambassador Cole  happens  to be a front man for a Night Club in Wuse II / Maitama called  "The Point"

There have been reports that the Property and funds for the Night club where provided by a top ranking government official  could this be the answer ?

Why would a governor hand over almost  $1million to Jolly Cole, what is the point ?

Read the detailed story  @ elendu reports .

Foreign Hostages will not be harmed unless ...

Four foreign oil workers being held hostage by Nigerian militants will not be harmed unless the government attempts a rescue, the kidnappers said on Thursday.


Part of the demands for this group include the release of  Asari Dokubo and Former governor of Bayelsa  Alamieyeseigha.

There are also reports that Shell is pulling out most of it's staff from the affected region .

One step forward ten steps backwards and the problems in the region  i.e poverty remain

read the complete Reuters story here

Dariye Troubles - EFCC Investigates all Plateau state Bank accounts

THE Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)  currently investigating the finances of the Plateau State Government have  frozen all the accounts of the state government.

There has been heated exchanges between Dariye and Ribadu reported in the media, Dariye according to the Nigerian constitution is under immunity as a governor and hence cant be prosecuted  but recent events in Nigeria have shown a Governor can be Impeached and then arrested as was the case with former Governor of Bayelsa Alamieyeseigha.

Read More here

The clock continues to tick for the Governor and the net of the EFCC continues to expand.
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Nigeria's Government Bans Same sex weddings - 5 year Jail term for Offenders.


In response to the recent rumblings from the gay community in Nigeria, The federal government has clarified its position on "behalf" of the Nigerian people by passing  a bill, banning same sex marriage in Nigeria and making it a punishable offence for anyone commiting this crime or aiding any such relations.

“We believe that despite all the pretencions about this kind of thing, Nigeria is still basically a conservative society."

“We know the values that we hold here as a people and so government decided to say that let us check basically the possible erosion of our value system,” Minister for Information and National Orientation,
--Frank Nweke

This is an excerpt taken from Thisday Newspaper

“state high courts and the Federal high courts have jurisdiction to deal with such offences.Basically, it is unAfrican to have a relationship of the same sex. If you look at the holy books, the Bible and the Koran, it is prohibited. The issue is that we don’t want such incidents to crop up in our nation.
“Things like rallies and relationships or amorous relationships being displayed in public are all included in the bill.
“We all know that marriage is a unique institution between a man and a woman, and this fact is universally acknowledged and it is also contained in the holy books. But in recent times, incidents of marriage or relationships between people of the same sex has been growing in the developed world.

(President Obasanjo and Bishop Akiniola- outspoken anti gay church leader)

“Just in December, this incident crossed over to South Africa, we got worried. President olusegun Obasanjo then thought it fit that we should bring a bill to council, to prohibit the relationship and marriage between people of the same sex. This bill was brought to council today and was passed with certain amendments,” Ojo added.

So you have heard it now !

Basically If you embezzle Billions you go to Jail for 6 months , but if your sexual orientation does not fit the norm in our society, you go directly to jail  for 5 years (No Bail)

according to our  Justice Minister being gay is "unafrican"

Personally I'm not sure about this statement , some African cultures do have gay tendencies and I believe the first place I ever saw a gay person was in Nigeria.

  Chief, Justice Minister  you better check your facts  mate,  just because these things happen underground doesn't mean they do not exist in our society, common now !
read the thisday article here

Updated News article BBC 19th January